Exiting the Matrix


July 13, 2020

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself entering the astral waiting room of

Ashtar’s mothership, The New Jerusalem. My Pleiadian multidimensional aspect Astaria arrived and we merged together as I left my astral self in the waiting area. One with Astaria we moved through the plasma doorway into the higher dimensional aspect of Ashtar’s Mothership of Light. As we moved down a hallway toward a large meeting room, I observed the diversity of galactics and lightbeings arriving. I noted how diverse the New Jerusalem was in comparison to the Athena which is largely Pleiadean and Arcturian. The New Jerusalem has a great diversity in Beings that serve the One. Astaria and I greeted Ashtar at the doorway to the meeting room, and...

July 7, 2020

My consciousness shifted and I found myself aboard my Pleiadian/Arcturian lightship, the

Athena. I was greeted immediately by the glowing Arcturian and led into a room where He,

(they) began to speak.

“Dear Ones, there is a desire that arises from an elevating consciousness upon your planet to

elicit more physical contact with higher dimensional galactic beings. There has arisen the desire

for more direct contact beyond the dream state where you often visit your ships and beyond

meditations where you often return to your starships for updates and for downloads that

include DNA upgrades. These upgrades allow each of you to perceive with greater ease the

higher realms as well as assimilate more Light and embody more love into your physica...

June 20, 2020

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun.

Archangel Michael awaited and promptly began to speak.

“Brothers and Sisters, Legion of Blue, beloved Warriors of Light, I greet you and seek to bring

thee clarity and stillness within the eye of the storm. Dearest Ones, how you have been

prepared for this event, this grand shift. Many times, have we stood together upon the

precipice of the return of the Light upon other planets and in distant realms. I wield my sword

of truth, clarity and justice as you wield yours. You are not alone, No, I am with you as is the

Legion of Blue, Ye, only call upon us and we will stand with you with our mighty swords of

unconditional love and violet flame to shine light u...

April 6, 2020

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun,The

Heart of God. My Seraphim aspect separated from the blinding light of the Central Sun and

greeted me. “Have Courage,” he spoke as he greeted me. “We all need courage I suppose,” I

replied. I entered the Great Central Sun and Divine Mother Mary greeted me with her beautiful

light. She wove a rainbow circle of light for me to sit on. As I could feel her intention to begin

speaking, she suddenly emanated the faces and light of several other Divine Mothers and they

seemed to merge with her being. As this occurred, she expanded immensely in light and

vibration and I could feel my energy vibrating faster in response. Faces and light merged within

her, Durga...

March 22, 2020

“Beloveds I greet you with the utmost love. I hold you and ask you to join with my vibration of

eternal unconditional love and healing energy. This vibration of healing is available for all that

seek and desire it. The conditions occurring on your planet now has caused many light

emissaries to take a deep inhale, yet you have not exhaled. You are not helpless, you are divine

beings of Light. I offer gratitude to all those in service at this time upon your world. Your

prayers and your offerings of love to humanity are acknowledged by me and by all the


“In what may feel or appear to be the darkest of times I reassure you all that there is a great

divine plan at work. Know that indeed there was divine intervention all along th...

February 11, 2020

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before Gaia in what felt like the center

of her Being. She stood before a huge glowing orb in the center of the planet. She answered my

thought instantly and said that what I was observing was her consciousness. As I looked around,

I saw that there were four enormous octagon shaped crystals positioned facing outward from

her consciousness in all four directions. I had seen these crystals before but the octagon shape

had never been so apparent. Attempting to orient myself I asked her which dimension We were

in at this Now and she said we were speaking from the 5 th /6 th dimensional aspect of her

consciousness. In this reality she was dark skinned and her skin looked like mud and bar...

January 19, 2020

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena Lightship, my

multidimensional home. As I passed through the waiting area, my astral body sat and that

version of my higher self walked through the multidimensional doorway. The glowing Arcturian

greeted me and I understood to follow. We entered a dimly lit room where there was a bright

white orb and the glowing Arcturian.I have seen this orb of consciousness many times in these

rooms on the ship and have come to understand that this is an aspect of the divine that higher

dimensional beings merge with. He began, “We watch many of you set intentions as you have

now realized that ye creating your reality of your life. We would like to share our observations

of your...

December 13, 2019

“Dear Creator Beings, We bid you greetings from the Great Central Sun. We are the Quetzalcoatl. Our names are the songs of our essence yet you may call me by the name Quetzalcoatl in the singular although it is indeed plural. We were, when we assumed physical form Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian hybrids. We have a long history. Winged serpents of the most high. We again bring news of the Creator beings that you are and although many of humanity see us as myth and folklore of the Mayan and Yucatan peninsula, We are indeed one of those that arrived long ago to your planet to impart wisdom. We assisted in piercing the veil and bringing divine knowledge to those that We lovingly guided. Those that We taught were indeed extensions of our mu...

September 18, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside my lightship, the Athena.

Divine Mother Isis appeared as I approached my starship and upon seeing her, I observed her

gazing toward Gaia. I also looked upon Gaia with Isis and from this higher dimensional

perspective Gaia pulsed with rainbow colored rays and the golden, platinum crystalline matrix

surrounding her intermingled with her rainbow rays. She was glorious.

I turned my focus on Isis and she began to speak, “The divine feminine and the divine

masculine are One. As you, humanity, move toward higher conscious awareness there will be

the remembrance, the remembrance of the physical and spiritual union of the divine feminine

and divine masculine. At the level of Source, t...

September 6, 2019

In all respects this was a conscious connection as I had questions for Ashtar. He is my family as

he is the recognized family of many. He is one of the multidimensional beings that I have a

personal connection and can easily be contacted with intention. The consciousness we possess

is unlimited from my perspective. As my consciousness merkaba activated, I focused on his

energy signature and we connected. I had a question as I had recently heard that another

human had received information that Ashtar was a multidimensional aspect of Sananda and

this struck a resonance within me. I felt I needed to ask him this question for confirmation. So I

began and asked him this question. He began to speak. “Yes I am a fractal of the energy that


July 14, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I immediately found myself within the Great Central

Sun. Sananada greeted me and he began to speak. “The seraphim are the consciousness, the

template of divine form as the Divine Mind which is thought. The cherubim are that of the

Divine Heart, emotion. Seraphim are One, not individual although this may be experienced in

the 3D. The Seraph oversoul may be understood as individual for 3D understanding. As

Thought, along with the unconditional love of the One, created Form. Seraph created from the

One Mind the Crystalline Matrix of light through which form could manifest. The diamond

crystalline matrix, the blueprint of perfection is predominant as the diamond or octagon in

sacred geometry. This symb...

July 13, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun.

Archangel Metatron greeted me in his spectacular multicolored orb form. He began to speak.

“All form is sacred geometry as you understand it. The original matrix of Gaia as her blueprint

was designed and created as the planet she Now is and put into place by the Seraphim in unity

with the One Mind and Heart. This original matrix is the flower of life-now known as the

Diamond Crystalline Matrix. Gaia was originally the playground of the angels-various 12 th

dimensional Beings established the original matrix which then began to take form within

matter. The diamond crystalline matrix which we will now call this original template was

designed in Divine perfe...

June 15, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself entering the Athena lightship.

The Arcturians met me at the plasma doorway and we walked through. I followed them

through a doorway into a room on the right. When I entered the room I joyfully looked

around as I realized we were on a tropical beach. The sand was perfectly golden and

gentle waves of aqua blue water lapped at the shore where we stood. They began their

message. “Dear Ones, it is a wonderful thing to daydream…to imagine things exactly as

you want them. You do not have to physically go Anywhere yet you can take your mind

to that place. Alllow your fantasies, your imagination to take you to the best place, the

best situation and the best outcome possible. We see the ego, t...

June 1, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Athena lightship. As

I gazed upon it, Isis the white, winged Goddess appeared before me. She indicated that

she had a message and began to speak,

“The divine Feminine and Divine Masculine now return to balance. The divine feminine,

when oppressed and suppressed becomes the expression of depression, inaction and

vengeful destruction. The oppressed divine feminine has many dark faces..madness,

malice and anger are some. The divine masculine without the divine feminine becomes

action without love, war, terror and violent action toward the self and thus all others as all

begins within the self.”

“Shiva and Shakti are forever intertwined, the balance of opposites that creates t...

April 28, 2019

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself outside the Great Central Sun

(heart/soul of Mother/Father God). Metatron, the immense orb of psychedelic swirling

rainbow light appeared before me. He appeared in such close proximity that my merkaba

begin to spin furiously from the vibration. He immediately surrounded me with the

geometric form of a cube and this stabilized me so that I could focus. He began his

communication. “We will begin with a talk on form and the consciousness merkaba. It is

appropriate and timely for this. And so everything is formed or created-meaning matter,

through what you have termed sacred geometry. These are referring to the platonic solids,

which ultimately form the flower of life that you are all familia...

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