Exiting the Matrix


December 13, 2019

“Dear Creator Beings, We bid you greetings from the Great Central Sun. We are the Quetzalcoatl. Our names are the songs of our essence yet you may call me by the name Quetzalcoatl in the singular although it is indeed plural. We were, when we assumed physical form Sirian, Lyran, Pleiadian hybrids. We have a long history. Winged serpents of the most high. We again bring news of the Creator beings that you are and although many of humanity see us as myth and folklore of the Mayan and Yucatan peninsula, We are indeed one of those that arrived long ago to your planet to impart wisdom. We assisted in piercing the veil and bringing divine knowledge to those that We lovingly guided. Those that We taught were indeed extensions of our mu...

September 18, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside my lightship, the Athena.

Divine Mother Isis appeared as I approached my starship and upon seeing her, I observed her

gazing toward Gaia. I also looked upon Gaia with Isis and from this higher dimensional

perspective Gaia pulsed with rainbow colored rays and the golden, platinum crystalline matrix

surrounding her intermingled with her rainbow rays. She was glorious.

I turned my focus on Isis and she began to speak, “The divine feminine and the divine

masculine are One. As you, humanity, move toward higher conscious awareness there will be

the remembrance, the remembrance of the physical and spiritual union of the divine feminine

and divine masculine. At the level of Source, t...

September 6, 2019

In all respects this was a conscious connection as I had questions for Ashtar. He is my family as

he is the recognized family of many. He is one of the multidimensional beings that I have a

personal connection and can easily be contacted with intention. The consciousness we possess

is unlimited from my perspective. As my consciousness merkaba activated, I focused on his

energy signature and we connected. I had a question as I had recently heard that another

human had received information that Ashtar was a multidimensional aspect of Sananda and

this struck a resonance within me. I felt I needed to ask him this question for confirmation. So I

began and asked him this question. He began to speak. “Yes I am a fractal of the energy that


July 14, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I immediately found myself within the Great Central

Sun. Sananada greeted me and he began to speak. “The seraphim are the consciousness, the

template of divine form as the Divine Mind which is thought. The cherubim are that of the

Divine Heart, emotion. Seraphim are One, not individual although this may be experienced in

the 3D. The Seraph oversoul may be understood as individual for 3D understanding. As

Thought, along with the unconditional love of the One, created Form. Seraph created from the

One Mind the Crystalline Matrix of light through which form could manifest. The diamond

crystalline matrix, the blueprint of perfection is predominant as the diamond or octagon in

sacred geometry. This symb...

July 13, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun.

Archangel Metatron greeted me in his spectacular multicolored orb form. He began to speak.

“All form is sacred geometry as you understand it. The original matrix of Gaia as her blueprint

was designed and created as the planet she Now is and put into place by the Seraphim in unity

with the One Mind and Heart. This original matrix is the flower of life-now known as the

Diamond Crystalline Matrix. Gaia was originally the playground of the angels-various 12 th

dimensional Beings established the original matrix which then began to take form within

matter. The diamond crystalline matrix which we will now call this original template was

designed in Divine perfe...

June 15, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself entering the Athena lightship.

The Arcturians met me at the plasma doorway and we walked through. I followed them

through a doorway into a room on the right. When I entered the room I joyfully looked

around as I realized we were on a tropical beach. The sand was perfectly golden and

gentle waves of aqua blue water lapped at the shore where we stood. They began their

message. “Dear Ones, it is a wonderful thing to daydream…to imagine things exactly as

you want them. You do not have to physically go Anywhere yet you can take your mind

to that place. Alllow your fantasies, your imagination to take you to the best place, the

best situation and the best outcome possible. We see the ego, t...

June 1, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Athena lightship. As

I gazed upon it, Isis the white, winged Goddess appeared before me. She indicated that

she had a message and began to speak,

“The divine Feminine and Divine Masculine now return to balance. The divine feminine,

when oppressed and suppressed becomes the expression of depression, inaction and

vengeful destruction. The oppressed divine feminine has many dark faces..madness,

malice and anger are some. The divine masculine without the divine feminine becomes

action without love, war, terror and violent action toward the self and thus all others as all

begins within the self.”

“Shiva and Shakti are forever intertwined, the balance of opposites that creates t...

April 28, 2019

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself outside the Great Central Sun

(heart/soul of Mother/Father God). Metatron, the immense orb of psychedelic swirling

rainbow light appeared before me. He appeared in such close proximity that my merkaba

begin to spin furiously from the vibration. He immediately surrounded me with the

geometric form of a cube and this stabilized me so that I could focus. He began his

communication. “We will begin with a talk on form and the consciousness merkaba. It is

appropriate and timely for this. And so everything is formed or created-meaning matter,

through what you have termed sacred geometry. These are referring to the platonic solids,

which ultimately form the flower of life that you are all familia...

March 18, 2019

My consciousness merkaba spun in what feels like the center of my mind where the 3 rd

eye resides. I recalled this activation of my consciousness travel vehicle as various

colored triangles of light entered my crown and 3 rd eye chakras during meditations. I

marveled at our many capacities that lie within as I floated within my consciousness to

the waiting room within the Athena lightship. Here sit the astral bodies of various beings,

many human as they have their higher dimensional experiences during sleep and perhaps


My higher dimensional Arcturian aspect greeted me in the waiting room and I followed

him through the plasma doorway to enter a room on the right. Within this room we sat

together on a bench and as I looked around, a...

February 5, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I arrived outside the Athena of

my multidimensional homes that I share with so many. Once again, I paused to admire

Jupiter with her spectacular lightshow of swirling, shimmering colors. She looked joyous

and radiant. The Arcturians met me at the plasma doorway and we entered the inner ship.

They directed me to a room that is similar to an amphitheater with graduated floors so

that all can observe the center. The amphitheater resembles a half circle and the back wall

seems somewhat solid although that can easily change, as the ship is organic and can

easily shift according to need. I took a place among the others, higher selves of humanity

in higher dimensional forms including angels...

January 16, 2019

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena. I

followed my Pleiadian multidimensional aspect into the ship and into a room to the right

that seems like it is my meeting room. I entered and sat before a green being with large

compound eyes that radiated wisdom. The being had a heart shaped face with a pointy

chin. It had what looked like a elevated plate of some kind of bone from the top of it’s

head that ran between the eyes and came to a point. It had a small mouth and a very

small-ridged nose with two small holes. The eyes were unquestionably the most profound

facial characteristic. The rest of the body was covered by a long purple robe including

most of it’s neck. As we connected, I indicated in my consc...

January 6, 2019

“This year is the coming together of seemingly disparate facets of the One. For example,

We can see newly awakened Ones of humanity seeking out the missing puzzle pieces of

Awareness to connect to the pieces thus already obtained. Those that have been awake to

the Divine Plan of Gaia for some time will be assimilating all that they have already

gathered Within and begin to discover passions, truth and abilities within themselves that

appear New yet are the result of further activations of “sleeping DNA”. Once these

abilities come “online” so to speak, it will then Feel as normal as those that have abilities

and talents come online will assimilate these into the mental and emotional constructs as

“normal and natural” since it will be Rem...

December 15, 2018

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Athena Lightship.

Again, Jupiter was within my view from a multidimensional perspective. She was

swirling and bursting with rainbow colors and She had a song, an octave that was her

signature. I thought to myself that I would like to remember each Being, each

consciousness that is a planet. With that thought, the 9 th Dimensional Arcturians joined

me and replied to my thought, “Yes, indeed, each planet is a conscious being, you are all

remembering that. We, have immense love for Her, (Jupiter), She is a glorious Being.”

As I focused my attention on the arcturians, we flashed inside the Lightship and were in a

dimly lit room with a holographic image of Gaia in the center o...

December 1, 2018

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself in the white room upon myLightship that I’m most often in. Isis and Archangel Michael were with me as I hadpreviously released a lower vibrational being that had been in my energy field. AAMichael left and I was lying on the table with Mother Isis above my head. She is the onlybeing that I see that has ever had wings. From my perspective she has large wings ofwhite light. She conveyed to me that she had a message regarding current energeticupgrades. My spine has become very movable as if the vertebrae are not securelyconnected. This seems to pinch nerves here and there which I address quite well with myscenar device yet she began to address this issue and begin her message.“M...

October 18, 2018

My consciousness merkaba activated and I immediately found myself looking at Jupiter.

My Arcturian multidimensional aspect was right beside me in that same moment so I

knew ther would be a message but I wanted to take in the amazing sight of this giant

colorful planet with swirling gases. We were outside the Athena lightship but I remained

mesmerized by the beautiful being of Jupiter. Within a couple seconds the Arcturian

group that I know and love was all around me. I suppose it didn’t matter where they

imparted their message and apparently were being very patient with my distraction. As I

turned my attention to the sparkling white, golden Arcturian beings they began,

“Dear Ones, Beloved Family, as the 9 th Dimensional Arcturian Collec...

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