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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians Speak from the Athena Lightship- Your Multidimensional Self

My consciousness shifted and I found myself aboard my Pleiadian/Arcturian lightship, the

Athena. I was greeted immediately by the glowing Arcturian and led into a room where He,

(they) began to speak.

“Dear Ones, there is a desire that arises from an elevating consciousness upon your planet to

elicit more physical contact with higher dimensional galactic beings. There has arisen the desire

for more direct contact beyond the dream state where you often visit your ships and beyond

meditations where you often return to your starships for updates and for downloads that

include DNA upgrades. These upgrades allow each of you to perceive with greater ease the

higher realms as well as assimilate more Light and embody more love into your physical bodies

and your subtle bodies. Perhaps you can relate to knowing you have dreamt something

wonderful and awaken with abundant energy yet to find that for several days subsequent to

this you are very tired. Yes, allow yourselves to rest and integrate. Honor what the body


“Each of your aspects of your multidimensional self, your higher selves in many other

dimensional realms are connected to you and many of you are becoming aware and conscious

of at the very least one of these other aspects of your larger self. You are far more than many of

you have ever imagined. More expansive, more multidimensional. In the desire and the effort

to connect with your higher selves it is not impossible as you set your intention to participate as

galactic ambassadors upon your planet to connect and engage in relationship with a higher

dimensional aspect of yourself. The higher dimensional beings, your galactic family, delight in

and embrace your intention and desire to connect more intimately with them. They desire the

opportunity to interact in a more physical, direct manner with you as much as We see that

many of you desire. Time and space are merely constructs for experience and is in reality an

illusion for your 3 rd dimensional experience. Your science and physics has made many

discoveries and will continue to confirm this. Thus as We mentioned prior, it is entirely possible

and even probable that you are able to meet what you would term as your ‘future self’, ‘parallel

self’ or ‘higher dimensional self’. You are a multidimensional being having experiences in many, many other dimensions and even parallel realities or constructs. We understand this may be difficult to comprehend fully from your 3D mind yet We give you this understanding as this is the time of great expansion and many of you can feel this truth within your inner being.”

“Arriving as you are upon great Gaia closer to the galactic center creates portals and gateways

within and without for the expansion of your consciousness at a level never experienced prior

upon your planet. Dear Ones, it is You that holds the Golden Age within you. It is You that

creates the collective awakening. It is You that holds the vision upon your planet. What are you

envisioning? There has never been a more auspicious time than this Now to Be who you came

to Be dear human family. In this time of great expansion, all is available to you- We the

Arcturians assist you as does your Family of Light and your own higher dimensional selves. Clear and release any fears or doubts that may block you from Being your truest self. Finding your Center, your equanimity, your inner Light and remaining in that vibrational state to the best of your human ability shifts your reality and the reality of your planet. We honor your Visions of freedom, peace and balance upon Gaia and We support you always. It has been our joy to


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