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Oxoatyl Speaks to Humanity-We Wait For you

“Beautiful beloved humanity,

Many eons ago the template of perfection upon this planet was honoured. It was known, alas, that each

plant, tree and creature had a divine purpose in the great plan. Gaia was in balance. The humans of this

era were also in balance with Gaia the beloved mother of us all. It was known that the mother Gaia

provided all for all of us, our nourishment, healing, our energy. Yes she provides for us all. There did not

exist fear of each other as you know it now and as we feel that fear emanating from within you now.

Each creature knew it’s energetic and vibratory purpose here therefore the vibration of fear did not

exist. If one was to sacrifice it’s flesh for another being, for another creature then it was known to be

part of the divine template, the divine plan. That creature gave it’s flesh as a gift to another. Balance is

maintained through this gift of flesh and of life. The energy and life force inherent in that plant or flesh is

exchanged and recycled. There is no fear or sorrow in this exchange as it is part and parcel of the divine

template of energy exchange. In this way neither plant nor creature dominates and extinguishes the

variation of unique energies inherent upon Gaia. It is a most grand and unique template as the variety

upon Gaia is most extraordinary and perfectly balanced to hold and embrace countless energies of plant

and beast.

Imbalance created by the human animal has reigned for much too long now. Humans that were once in

balance with us and the beloved mother Gaia took only what was needed to live and not with careless

abandon of all other life forms upon the pl

anet. The imbalance has indeed become extraordinary and

effects us all. There is fear in the human animal that there will never be enough for them and so we

have learned to be wary of the human, even the plants recoil as we feel that you have so long forgotten

that each of us has a divine place and purpose here. Stewards and family of Gaia you are no longer. We

adapt, yes, and we strive to work around your careless and haphazard energy of greed and domination.

The divine template of natural balance was designed to support all our unique paths of evolution. Each

plant and animal consciousness has in it’s design a tendency toward evolution although our evolution is

slow and steady and not the same as the human animal yet it is as much sacred and treasured as the

human animal. We do not fall into forgetfulness, we are consistently aligned with the highest template

which the human animal has long forgotten.

We, the animals and the plants feel and acknowledge that the template is returning to Gaia. We too are

affected by the energies of the Great Central Sun, the divine and great Mother Being of us all. We feel

you and We watch you and We reach out to you in service and embrace those divine moments when

We feel your alignment with the original divine template. We feel the balance returning and We most

excitedly and joyously await our connection to you, the human animal. We will once again share this

miraculous planet in alignment and balance. We feel you beginning to remember that there is no need

for fear, the Mother Gaia provides all for each of us. We will once again share and prosper on this great

being Gaia. We wait for you and we joyously reconnect with you when you are able to align yourselves

with the template of balance and perfection. Until then…be at peace and find the balance within the

storm of fear you have lived within for too many eons.”


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