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Pleiadian Astaria Speaks From Her Merkaba-This is Not the End, It is the Beginning

My consciousness began to travel and as always I put my full trust in Spirit and my multidimensional

selves to direct my journey. Before me appeared two beings surrounded by light and I quickly

recognised them as Astaria and her divine counterpart Astar. I had an immediate inner knowing that

they were travelling in their Merkabas rather than a ship. As they halted before me they conveyed

information about their Merkabas entirely telepathically. They showed me how the Merkabas were

working. Where the top and bottom triangles met was at the solar plexus. The upper triangle embodied

the higher chakras as the bottom triangle embodied the lower chakras. The top triangle spun

counterclockwise and the bottom one clockwise. They conveyed that their Merkabas were powered by

pure consciousness. They indicated that they would like to share information and I began to receive.

“We come with such love that We would remind you of who you truly are. We are your family as We

shared our multidimensional DNA with you. We are within you and you are Within us. We were very

present upon your planet in your past and We taught you that All is within you. We taught you that

Source is within you. You are a tiny spark of the immense fire that is your higher Self, your Soul. Your

Higher Self is the immense essence of your being that has never left the Divine Source. You were birthed

from your Higher Self into the contrast that is the created illusion of separation to be creative and

experience all the wonders that could be created.”

“Now our loves you find yourselves upon this precipice. This is not the end, it is the beginning. You are

evolving, you are remembering. Each of you individually and collectively are creating the future upon

this planet. We watch as your loving parents as you begin to remember once again the potential and

creative power that you hold. All is possible in creation and you hold great creative power. In this

current pause that you find yourselves is a great opportunity to be still and listen. Listen to your loved

ones, listen to the voice in your heart, listen to the planet of billions that have come here with you. If

you have found yourself reading this you are likely to be an old soul that has experienced this precipice

upon other planets and have likely been creating on this planet for many experiences before this one.

Nothing is the same in this time and upon this precipice. Nothing is as it was. You are not on the same

precipice as so many cycles before. The energy and vibration is new. Embrace your dreams and share

your gifts that you brought with you for this very time. The old energy is shifting and the dark shadows

are moving into the light. This is the time of the great change and change can be painful as the desire to

change arises from seeing the contrast or the opposite clearly in order to choose another path. Now is

the time to release what no longer serves you as a divine being and as a citizen of your societies. Feel

and acknowledge any anger, resentment or fear that arises within you and allow it to flow through you

with deep, slow breaths. You have everything within you to make manifest your individual dreams and

the dreams you have for your planet. You are a multidimensional being of light and We are part of your

Family of Light. You have the light of hope within your hearts and much compassion for those that

struggle in this now upon your planet. Each moment, and through each revelations comes , you can

choose unity, compassion and love for yourself and for every other aspect of divine source upon your

planet. You are the Creators of the future. If you choose and create from your hearts you can only create

a planet that will serve One and All. All is well, have no fear. We are always with you, in fact We Are

within you.”


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