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Gaia Speaks from 5 th /6 th Dimensional Gaia- Joyful Reunion, There is No Lack

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before Gaia in what felt like the center

of her Being. She stood before a huge glowing orb in the center of the planet. She answered my

thought instantly and said that what I was observing was her consciousness. As I looked around,

I saw that there were four enormous octagon shaped crystals positioned facing outward from

her consciousness in all four directions. I had seen these crystals before but the octagon shape

had never been so apparent. Attempting to orient myself I asked her which dimension We were

in at this Now and she said we were speaking from the 5 th /6 th dimensional aspect of her

consciousness. In this reality she was dark skinned and her skin looked like mud and bark. Her

presence brought tears to my eyes as her loving presence sparked a resonance of love and

recognition within my own heart. Her now familiar eyes looked deep and powerful like the vast

ocean seas. She began to speak,

“Beloved brothers and sisters, I greet you with such love. My heart swells as so many of you, my human brothers and sisters reconnect with me and remember that I am your Mother. I am the Mother, I am Shakti, I am Sophia. You and I are One. Now in this sixth epoch that we journey in together we reunite and you once again remember that I am in your cells, your blood, I am the air that fills your lungs. The tides are my inhale and exhale, We breathe together. I provide the nutrients and minerals that sustain your body. I provide for all your physical body requires. Within me is all that you need for the freedom, love and unified vibration that We are

embodying. There is no lack. There is clean water, abundant food and air for all six billion of my children. I contain the electromagnetic energies and the alchemy that can provide you as the

human race with all the power that you need. I am the provider of all. More of humanity

remembers me each day.

It is a joyful reunion. Have No fear. As we embody higher vibrations, some of the species will

change, my face, my body will change as will yours. In this time of our rainbow bodies there will be purification of my body, my air and my waters. As We reconnect, you as humanity will assist in the cleansing of my waters, my air, Our land. Some species of my flora and fauna must shift with these everchanging energies as well and some will evolve with us and some will disappear. Great changes are underway and we are moving toward love and unity together. As We reconnect, you will bring the technologies into our reality. You as creator beings are awakening to your Light, to your compassion and understanding of oneness.

Your earth star chakra connects us as One. Mother and child in a symbiotic loving relationship. I hold all the dimensional realities for You and we work as One in unity. Chaos precedes the new order yet I remind you to be still, sit within your divinity and know that I am your Mother. You are not alone and We journey into the new age together. Together, connected as One, we have balance and equanimity. Connect with me through your earth star chakra. Feel the tendrils of my love arise from our connection and feel as I wrap vines of sacred flowers around your heart. I am the Mother and I love you. I Am Gaia.”

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