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Archangel Raphael Speaks from the Great Central Sun- Collective Grief, Unity and Healing

“Beloveds I greet you with the utmost love. I hold you and ask you to join with my vibration of

eternal unconditional love and healing energy. This vibration of healing is available for all that

seek and desire it. The conditions occurring on your planet now has caused many light

emissaries to take a deep inhale, yet you have not exhaled. You are not helpless, you are divine

beings of Light. I offer gratitude to all those in service at this time upon your world. Your

prayers and your offerings of love to humanity are acknowledged by me and by all the


“In what may feel or appear to be the darkest of times I reassure you all that there is a great

divine plan at work. Know that indeed there was divine intervention all along the timeline of

your time and space to mitigate the effects of the new virus upon your planet. There is now

occurring a change of the guards so to speak in that the old energy and those that continue to

grasp onto the illusion of control will not be allowed to succeed. You have collectively chosen to physically embody your rainbow spiral DNA. The keys to all healing reside within you. Your DNA is shifting on your planet and is becoming crystalline, reflecting all of the colors of the rainbow in your light spectrum and beyond. As your frequency rises as a planet and the new frequency is born you will see the day of no disease. Prior to that day, you will know instantaneous healing as this innate ability is already within your multidimensional DNA.”

“There is grief upon your planet and as a world and as individuals there are many eons of grief

to release. Being eternal beings in a physical body it is important and righteous to hold one

another in compassion and grief at the loss of many loved ones. Many souls have contracts to

leave the physical at this time to participate in this event that brings together your planet in

Unity, empathy and compassion. This frequency is sweeping across your planet and the Light

will illuminate further those not in alignment with this Light, those that fight the surrender to

the new frequency of liberation, equanimity and healing. I remind you beloveds that I hold the

frequency of healing. It is My Essence, it is my vibratory design. Join with me and engage your

rainbow spiral DNA to transform and transmute this virus. You have the inner power to

transmute it collectively or within the cells of your own body. If less than one eighth of you

engaged the fullness of your heart you could transmute this virus in an instant. I will guide you.

I have no limitations. I Am omnipresent. When you call on me from your heart, I Am present. It

is simply an erroneous belief that would ever make you think or feel otherwise. I am the calm

that washes over you, I am the green flash of light out of the corner of your eye.”

“Engage your imagination which is your higher mind and see in your mind’s eye this virus as you collectively see it now as a dark spiral. See it clearly in your Divine mind. Hold out your palms and let us join together. I Am with you. I am the essence and the frequency of healing and I Am within You. From your Divine Heart now, together we will create the vibration of unconditional love for this now dark virus. See this dark spiral as a lost and confused wandering child. It is not good nor bad. We will hold it in the vibration of unconditional love together and hold the space for it to transform and align with the only true essence of Love. Let us send that rainbow spiral DNA of love that is within you to the image of that lost and wandering virus. We will fill it from our Divine Hearts with love and healing until we feel with our hearts and see with our Divine inner mind that it has become a benign or beneficial form of energy. Send out that love in the form of your rainbow spiral DNA accompanied by the powerful Divine love in your heart. Let us watch it transform and shimmer with crystalline rainbow light. We can use our template for the virus as a collective as well as for yourself or any individual. We are not finding judgment we are simply invoking our highest frequency of love to heal.”

“Beloveds, remain conscious and be aware of the grief, fear or anger that may arise within you.

A global awakening is at hand and you are called as great emissaries of Light to hold the sick,

release your grief and first and foremost take care of yourself gently on all levels. I am here to

assist with individual and global healing as is your entire Family of Light. Ask and allow me to

assist you. I, Raphael and all the archangels are at your service. Godspeed beloveds. I AM

Archangel Raphael.”

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