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Pleiadian Astar Speaks from the Athena Lightship-Divine Complements

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself on my lightship the Athena. I was greeted by

my Pleiadian multidimensional aspect, Astaria and her divine complement Aztar. I followed Aztar to a

room on the ship and he began to speak.

“I am Aztar, the divine complement of Astaria. Although in truth we are all one and the same Source,

there is the illusion of individual fragments of Source that is experienced. This may be experienced as a divine complement, an aspect of your higher dimensional self, divided with the intention to expand the experience potential of the One Source. As there are aspects of You in many dimensional realms having varied experiences, these multidimensional aspects of You may choose to further separate and expand the Higher Self by having two multidimensional experiences in the same dimensional realm. I, Aztar, am a part of the soul stream of your Higher Self. The Higher Self that has never left Source holds the truth and reality that there is no separation from Source. It is an illusion of experience. In higher dimensional realms We are continuously aware of our Higher Self and our eternal connection to the One Source.”

“From a limited 3rd dimensional perspective it is challenging to perceive and live in the reality of what is, that You are an expansive Being of Light, multifaceted, having numerous experiences simultaneously. 3rd dimensional reality demands the focus on time and space that provides a linear perspective. As you move closer to a 5th dimensional perspective this experience of time and space begins to loosen as many may feel time speeding up or temporarily slow down. The ego mind resists leaving the construct of time and space as there is the mind’s fear of losing control and surrendering all to the flow and expansiveness of No Time. In No Time, a sense of individuality begins to shake loose and the realisation arrives that one is simply choosing to have an individual experience yet in reality the One Source is having that experience as well as endless others emanating from the desire of your Higher Self.”

“Much has been spoken about divine complements upon your planet and as you shift and elevate your

consciousness, embody your Divine Heart and Mind, you will come to find that there is a divine choice made by the Higher Self to unite two multidimensional aspects of yourself with they intention of expanding love and light upon the planet. This union provides each complement the opportunity for

great expansion within the self, the mastery of fear, the cultivation of self love and acceptance and the

release of the illusion of ‘romantic love’. The illusion of ‘romantic love’ is largely based upon the desire of another to fulfill ones needs.The divine complement union in it’s highest form is love desiring nothing but to express itself. Each is a complete fractal of Source energy unto itself yet this union is an opportunity to experience the mirror of oneself and the opportunity to choose only unconditional love.”

“The opportunities present in this union are a reflection of the unmet needs within oneself and the

chance to heal what is reflected by the other such as fear of rejection, or beliefs of unworthiness. The

accomplished results of this union bring the chance to become a shining star of clarity, peace and

compassion to the world. This is the gift to your planet and the next step in evolution and progression as a planet into higher realms. This is the realisation and acceptance that nothing is outside of you, each Being is simply another reflection of the Divine Self. With this understanding, the desire to harm another falls away and Unity, Freedom and Acceptance prevail. To put this union in perspective for your planet, it is a choice of the Higher Self and dependant upon the unique path of each Being. It is a chosen path for some as the opportunity to fully remember your own Divinity.”


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