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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians Speak from the Athena Lightship- The Divine “Observer”

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena Lightship, my

multidimensional home. As I passed through the waiting area, my astral body sat and that

version of my higher self walked through the multidimensional doorway. The glowing Arcturian

greeted me and I understood to follow. We entered a dimly lit room where there was a bright

white orb and the glowing Arcturian.I have seen this orb of consciousness many times in these

rooms on the ship and have come to understand that this is an aspect of the divine that higher

dimensional beings merge with. He began, “We watch many of you set intentions as you have

now realized that ye creating your reality of your life. We would like to share our observations

of your creation of your reality. Creating is happening in the Now, the past is gone and the

future as you know it in your linear time construct is yet to be. When an intention is set or a

desire within you arises, We would have you use discernment as to whether this intention has

been set you’re your ego mind or your higher mind. We will define your higher mind as the

“observer” as this is your divine eternal self, your spark of the divine. Who are You? Who is this

self to which we refer to? Who is this “I” that is stating and sometimes pleading to the

multidimensional matrix, or the Creator that which you desire?

There is some importance in creating to determine if this is the ego mind or the divine

“observer”. We will give you an example that We observe. We hear you state, “I deserve to be

on a 5 th dimensional planet.” Now this is understandable for you as you now know you are

moving out of 3 rd dimensional reality yet We assure you there is no better or worse, no good

nor bad dimensional reality. It is the desiring of an experience and the creation of that

experience. So We ask you to sit and find the “I”, the divine “observer” that is observing you

and all else. Who is this? The divine “observer” does not judge. It does not decide that this is

good or this is bad. All is of divine creation and perfection. The divine “observer” sees the signs

of your intention coming…it observes the synchronicities that indicate that you are on your way

to becoming a full time 5 th dimensional being. It is in the NOW. It has a neutral stance and

observation of what is. Ah, the divine “observer” notices, see how much darkness is now being

brought into the light. It cannot be otherwise as Gaia and yourselves are holding more light. As

the light shines brighter, the darkness must be illuminated. You are not in the incorrect timeline

We would add to those questioning.

And so We return to the ego mind that judges, this is bad and I want to be with the good. We

will use the same example of the intention, “I deserve to live on a 5 th dimensional planet.” Yet

We ask you to look at where does this desire arise from? Ask yourself if you are judging your

current experience? We observe there are may beliefs that you are running simultaneously

such as you may be holding a belief that you cannot stand the suffering or shall we say deep

sadness that lives within you. All is One , nothing truly exists outside of you. The suffering

resides within you. Cultivate compassion and spread hope and align with those of similar

resonance but we suggest that you release yourselves of this suffering, or whatever form of

darkness is manifesting for you. What judgements are you putting on yourself, what inner

scripts is your ego mind running?

We suggest you step aside for a moment in the Now. For a moment in the Now, We might

suggest that you move back into your divine “observer” self. You could visualize You as this

“observer” slightly above and aliitle to the back of your crown chakra. Feel this peace and

neutrality and then move into your being, your body and locate your sadness. Where did it go,

are you trying to chase it? Is it REAL? As you observe your ego mind from you’re the ‘Observer”

self, can you feel that as you observe it, it disappears? Indeed and that is because you are

divine love embodied in an earthsuit. Therefore set you intention, put forth your desire whilst

practicing the shift into your higher dimensional state of the observer which resides in the Now,

where you are creating. Vibrationally hold and become that which you desire. The past is gone

and the future is yet to be from your perspective (from Ours it is all happening at once). Notice

the signs and the synchronicities of all that you desire coming to you. Observe all the ways that

the planet and ourselves are shifting and follow your divine guidance and intuition. It is all

coming. We have often spoken of mastering the Mind and this is to assist you in creating the

reality that you desire, not more of what you don’t desire. We have so enjoyed this

communication and we are your galactic family the Arcturians.”

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