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Sananda Speaks from the Athena Lightship-Unity of the Planet, A New Beginning

“Greetings brothers and sisters, I am your brother Sananda. It is a most fortuitous time upon your

planet. You have chosen this reset and you now reap the learning opportunities that such an event

provides. How did you fare during the event? What have you learned brothers and sisters? There was

much coming together energetically upon your planet as each of you divine sparks of light experienced

this event in your unique way.

There was much fear to begin with. Such a sudden sublime stillness covered the planet and the

unknown sparked much fear especially within those of little faith or knowledge of their eternal higher

selves and the eternalness of each of you. For many there is much fear of death. And within this fear is

the opportunity, the whisper to look within, to go deeper into the spirit of consciousness and possible

discern and even possibly discover what is truly within. For many the event has sparked the yearning for

a deeper meaning in life, a desire to follow their deepest passions, a yearning to find peace within their

inner chaos, the yearning to create heart centered relationships and families. The sowing of the new has

been experienced and many have put these new desires and energies into motion that will bring future

reaping of the rewards of those inner shifts. What a glorious sight.

For our ground crew, angels and light workers the upheaval of energies may have felt like you were

pummeled by negative energies. Well that is why you are here beloveds. You are here to have that

awareness and sensitivity to the collective and with that awareness to transform those energies-to allow

them to move through you and be transformed into neutral, benign and even higher energy forms. Do

not hold onto these lower, heavy energies as much of the collective upon your planet is purging old,

heavy energies. It is not your job and it is not desirable to hold this heavy energy, it is for you to move

through you and return to the lightness of your being. So much energy has been put out by the

collective on your planet during this event that it can be detected from galaxies away. Be aware that this

event was most beneficial to the Unity of the planet-all experienced this event as One.

This is a new beginning and you may look for the shifts that will in time manifest- a deeper compassion

for one another regardless of borders, a desire to assist those in need, especially the poor, hungry and

downtrodden. Each reflection of another outside of you Is You. That is the one truth and the meaning of

my words, “do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Every other divine being is a part of you,

a part of the One. Be kind and compassionate to yourself and to one another. Be kind and caring to your

planet and to all other beings that you are sharing the planet with. You are stepping into the most

creative and benevolent era known upon your planet. Your service to the Light of the One is always

known by me and the Family of Light. I am your brother Sananda and it has been my joy and privilege to

share these words with you this day. May the Divine shine brightly within you.”


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