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My Multidimensional Twin Flame, Part 1

In the spring of 2018, the twin flame of my Pleiadian aspect, Astaria came to me in my consciousness. He told me that he had an earthbound self and that he was coming to me and that I should prepare my

heart. It is the completion of love of the shadow self, the transmutation of the erroneous beliefs within

the self of unworthiness and the release of the idea of dependence on another for one’s happiness, he

told me. I felt ready for this union as much of my journey in this life had been around surrendering my

own darkness, releasing my own negative beliefs and finding my own sustainable inner joy. This healing journey had expanded me to enable my own connection with the aspects of my multidimensional selves and family of light. Doing my own inner work had freed my mind to allow clarity and higher knowledge to come through. Several years passed since my Pleiadian twin flame had appeared and I had largely given up as I knew I would know my twin flame if and when I met him. And then it happened. He just showed up as divine synchronicity would have it. We began talking regularly and immediately connected on an intellectual thought level and also realised we had lived a parallel life with the same lessons and experiences. We had the same ideas, and had so many similarities such as using the same expressions, having the same favourite junk food to both not being able to sleep with socks on. There was a very strong magnetic pull as our energy bodies and chakras were aligning. He was even as physically flexible as me. It became a joke after a couple of weeks that we needed another word for “me too” since I felt like I had said it a hundred times and I had only known him for perhaps two weeks. The time warp set in immediately and time began to speed up at a rate I’ve never experienced in this life. Resistance and anxiety came up within me as I could feel the incredible expansion of my spiritual self and my heart increasing each day. I had never felt so much love for anyone so quickly and profoundly. Twin flames meet to be of service to humanity, be the model of a new relationship of unconditional love and activate each other. The activation was profound and overwhelming. I became a walking memory of our past, no meditation necessary, I was living in this world and several others at the same time. My consciousness merkaba was blown wide open and I was often experiencing two realities at the same time. To find some semblance of balance our higher selves gave us a formula to embrace and breathe into…Release, Trust, Flow, Soften, Surrender. I surrendered into trust and gave our higher selves the steering wheel of

my life. I needed my Twin Flame to be present with me emotionally, share his thoughts and feelings and honor this sacred journey. Our higher selves told us to write down and document the experiences as this would benefit others we would share with in the future.

Our Arcturian higher self instructed us, “Dear Ones, document this union and this process. This is the story of awakening upon this planet. To Remember! To remember the past, where one has come from and to bring the pieces of the soul back from the past and integrate them in the now. Many will remember and waken with your story as the priests and priestesses of old have returned. Enjoy the ride, relax and flow with the energy and keep it flowing within you with your practices. Be observant of blocks as the 3D physical body and energy fields have resistance to the higher vibrational energies coming through. The 3D physical body can feel stiff, tired, possible headaches as it is simply trying to assimilate the energies coming through. All is well, we are always here and remember to ask us to assist with whatever you may need. Release, flow, soften and remember to ground into Gaia.” I was remembering our past history from before we came to this galaxy to co-create it and being a part of the White Lion Collective. Our higher selves spoke to me, “I am AmiRa, a goddess of light, love and compassion and service to humanity. The original template of my being is restored. With my other half, my divine complement AmunRa we serve the light of the One, the light of the Great Central Sun. None shall separate these two. The union was created as eternally sacred and will forever remain so. The two become one as forged in the beginning of all time and space. Step now into who and what you were created to be, the blinding eternal force from the heart of god, of the Great Central Sun of this universe. All is well.”

For approximately three months while we were in close physical proximity our higher selves and family of light held us in a womb, relayed much information about our soul’s history and gave my twin a roadmap to be able to catch up spiritually. It was intense energetically and emotionally.

We began to meet in the astral before sleep at night and it was there early on that I came face to face

with his dark side as I tried to connect with his heart there. He had not done his shadow work and was

not aware of the destructive power of his own shadow. His dark side was a magician trickster and living strong within his mind. Just as mine had been redeemed by the divine and surrendered back to the great central sun it would be required of his dark side too. In his innocence he attempted this himself and I watched in my own meditative state as his dark side trickster evaded being surrendered. My twin did not yet know that he was the one that needed to release his own pain and fears and surrender to his own divinity. He had spent a lifetime fighting within himself and creating the projections outside of himself. Our dark sides will not allow us to expand into our hearts, they will stunt our spiritual growth as we created them to keep the love and light out, as our dysfunctional defence against pain. Our higher selves spoke to me about my twin flames dark side, “The divine cannot transform something he isn’t willing to give up, he is the only one who can choose.” As I remembered our past lives, dark and light his heart began to expand but I knew what that meant. With his dark side still in control, there would be a contraction after the expansion back into pain and fear. I knew this and our higher selves had warned me. Twin flames are mirrors for each other and they reflect to one another the unresolved issues within. What we see in the other twin flame is our own projection of ourselves onto them. In every conscious relationship we must accept that the other is a reflection of what we need to work on but with twin flames it is amplified. It is the path of healing and of unconditional love for the self and other.

In conclusion of part one of this story, there may be those that have met their twin flames and the other twin may not be a vibrational match to you in that they have not done their healing and present as the unhealed divine masculine or feminine and may choose to resist their path. Our higher selves made it clear to me that in the case that the other divine counterpart chooses to live in their unhealed state with refusal to grow and expand, another vibrational match will be presented if this is the desire of the divine counterpart to be a model and experience unconditional love and participate in creating new healthy models for relationship upon this planet. Release the belief that if your divine counterpart cannot match your vibration that your expansion need be diminished or given up. Like attracts like in vibration and frequency and all possibilities are omnipresent. Twin flames, which share the same soul frequency need not be romantic in nature. They can be best friends as I felt mine more aligned with, family members, etc. The main theme is ‘service to others’ and the joint mission and collaboration for humanity.

To be continued…


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