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Divine Mother Mary, Quetzalcoatl and Gaia Speak from Uluru-The Rainbow Bridge

I sat down to meditate with many around the world holding the intention of divine love for Gaia and

humanity. As Uluru appeared in my inner eye, my consciousness merkaba activated. As I felt my inner

mind begin to spin I understood I was to experience this from a higher dimensional perspective. As my

consciousness shifted, I began to see a huge circle of galactics and light beings from various realms. They

were surrounding Uluru rock and the wisdom keepers engaged in ceremony. I saw orbs of light floating

above this circle of beings around Uluru and I knew that these were the powerful intentions and prayers

of those all around the world participating in this glorious event.

With a flash of blue and pink magenta, Divine Mother Mary appeared above the circle of light beings

and she began to speak, “It is a most glorious time We now find ourselves amidst. It is the heralding of

the Golden Age, a most divine and creative endeavour that humanity now begins. The time is now for

the Divine Plan to be reinstated upon Gaia and for the original template and the 12 strand DNA to be

activated. Humanity has chosen benevolence and it is the time to awaken from this dream. No longer

reigns control, anger nor tyranny. Humanity has a kind and loving design and there is the desire within

the minds and hearts of those upon beloved Gaia for peace, creative expression, unity and

collaboration. It shall be so. Our archangel sister (Gaia) shall be restored to her original divine template.

The Divine shall be remembered and embodied by all and the beauty and grace of the light of humanity

shall shine brightly throughout the galaxy and indeed this very universe.”

A rainbow coloured orb of light began to expand outward from the Center of the top of Uluru rock and

four Quetxcoatls, four feathered serpents appeared on the top of Uluru where the rainbow light had

expanded. Beams of rainbow light shot outward in four directions and I then observed the crystalline

grid above us begin to fill with this rainbow light and expand outward from us in the diamond shaped

web that surrounds the planet. The energies felt like a rising wave pulsing upward from the core of Gaia.

Mother Mary began to speak again, “The rainbow bridge is restored, the path home is open for all upon

this planet to remember. The divine shall be manifest upon Gaia.”

As Mother Mary spoke I could feel Gaia’s diamond light core crystal connecting to me and then I felt the

connection rise up to the crystalline grid above me. I felt embraced by Gaia and the Divine Creator all at

once. I then felt Gaia’s energy pulsing and pushing upward and as I looked at Uluru she came into view.

Fierce, beautiful and powerful, Gaia appeared at the top of the rock. I looked at her in awe as I always

do, her deep brown hair of vines, trees and dirt, blue eyes reflecting the depth and mystery of the

oceans. She beamed forth a beautiful golden light from her solar plexus outward to all and then she

spoke. “”We are One. As I serve you, You serve me.”

I began to feel my consciousness leaving this realm and I looked for the wisdom keepers at Uluru. I

bowed to them with great reverence and thanked them for their ceremony at this sacred space and for

allowing me to witness and hold space for this amazing event. May we all remember our path home.

(For an interesting read on our multidimensional DNA see: The Twelve Layers of DNA, Kryon Book 12,

Lee Carroll)


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