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Archangel Michael from the Great Central Sun- Within the Eye of the Storm

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun.

Archangel Michael awaited and promptly began to speak.

“Brothers and Sisters, Legion of Blue, beloved Warriors of Light, I greet you and seek to bring

thee clarity and stillness within the eye of the storm. Dearest Ones, how you have been

prepared for this event, this grand shift. Many times, have we stood together upon the

precipice of the return of the Light upon other planets and in distant realms. I wield my sword

of truth, clarity and justice as you wield yours. You are not alone, No, I am with you as is the

Legion of Blue, Ye, only call upon us and we will stand with you with our mighty swords of

unconditional love and violet flame to shine light upon all places of darkness and illusion. Ye,

brothers and sisters, call upon me to stand with you wherever love and illumination is needed

whether it be your home, your friends’ home, a distant land or your leaders gathering place.

Call upon myself and my legion and we will stand with you and shine the brightest love and

illumination upon all present.”

“In truth, I see within the hearts and minds of many a glimmer of doubt that they would live to

see and witness such an event and events that you now see that would test your training and

skills. Ye, many did not believe such a shift would occur in their lifetime. Behold the moment

that your planet stood still, in sublime stillness that would allow the Mother’s love to enter

each heart that would open to such love and allow Her love to enter. Ye, you Now stand upon

the precipice of creating great change in all the systems upon your planet. It is darkest before

the dawn and those that choose inner upheaval and chaos will thus experience their choice.”

“Yet you may choose to flow and accept and choose to embrace all that you deem as fair,

harmonious and just for all upon your planet. Enter the eye of the storm brothers and sisters.

Turn thee away from that which pulls you from the center of your Being. Each day, each

moment, come with me and sit within the eye of the storm. Call upon me and your Legion of

Blue, Be Still and we will surround you and sit in stillness with you within the Void, the calm and the serenity within the eye of the storm. And So It is.”

Godspeed, your brother Michael

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