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Divine Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine from the Great Central Sun- Your Hope and Clarity will Wa

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun,The

Heart of God. My Seraphim aspect separated from the blinding light of the Central Sun and

greeted me. “Have Courage,” he spoke as he greeted me. “We all need courage I suppose,” I

replied. I entered the Great Central Sun and Divine Mother Mary greeted me with her beautiful

light. She wove a rainbow circle of light for me to sit on. As I could feel her intention to begin

speaking, she suddenly emanated the faces and light of several other Divine Mothers and they

seemed to merge with her being. As this occurred, she expanded immensely in light and

vibration and I could feel my energy vibrating faster in response. Faces and light merged within

her, Durga, Kali, Kwan Yin, Isis, Tara. As soon as this merging was complete She (or they) began

to speak.

“I speak as the Divine Mother. My beloved children you are in the midst of your divine work.

My loves, you are Not alone. Set aside your fears, surrender them to Me and we will fill your

heart with joy and bliss. You are not on the timeline of Armageddon, fear not, you are stepping

into your roles and the angels that you are, the Seraph, the Cherub, the Phoenix and the

dragons of the Great Central Sun, of the heart of the Divine. You have chosen to move into the

higher realm in your physical bodies for many eras to come until you no longer desire them.

You, beloveds are Now the tugboats upon your planet. Your divine hearts, your compassion and

your steadfast trust and faith in the divine serves as the wake upon which the rest of humanity

will ride. Your love will pull them up, your hope and clarity will wash over them.”

“I AM the divine feminine as are you beloveds. Together, we bring balance, compassion and

healing to the hearts of humanity. The negative masculine can no longer thrive in the Light. The

healed Divine masculine will arise and together in unity We will restore balance to the planet.

The sorrow upon your planet was not of Gaia, it was of those energies vested in control, greed

and power over others. Gaia is upon the precipice of 4 th , 5 th dimensional Being. Gaia, as Divine

Mother is rising in the Light and We are Now vibrationally connected in this timeline. As Divine

Mothers we are once again linked in Unity.”

“You will lead beloveds, you have tipped the balance to the Light. In this occurrence the dark

must come into the Light and be purged. Be it known beloveds that all is not as it appears.

Many upon your planet that you have held in high esteem will come to be known to be wolves

in sheep’s clothing. Be slow to anger, slow to judge. Those of my children that hold tightly to

power over others will resist the Light and attempt to mislead and deceive. Much will come to

Light and you will be called upon to embody and hold to your divine hearts. Be the healers and

leaders of the Golden Age and comfort those that require comfort. Those that leave their

bodies during this time upon your planet are held in Our arms as they arrive Home. They thrive

in the eternal love that they truly are. There is no death, only love. As revelations come to light

upon Gaia and as truths are revealed, many hearts will shatter. This expands the heart. Invite in

and embrace your divine Hearts beloveds and this will be the vibration of your Golden Age, one

planet in love with humanity.”

In love, Mother Mary and the Divine Feminine

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