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Sekhmet Speaks- Be the Living Embodiment


“Greetings beloved children of Earth. I am Queen Sekhmet. What a grand experience you all have at

hand. No longer will you regress as a planet only to play the same game again. Forward progress it is, I

assure you that this is a certainty. The pace at which you awaken to your true selves is of course your

choice individually as well as collectively. You cannot fathom the effects that your shift into higher

consciousness will have on this galaxy, nay, this universe. All are effected by all others, in the microcosm

such as your planet and the microcosm of the universe.

Children, release your fears. I tell you that you Always been and Always will be. You are human yet you

are also divine. The divine spark within you cannot be extinguished. Do not fear those that would choose

to remain in darkness, those that see lack, limitation and separation. This choice is allowed for all and

each divine spark is following it’s own very unique journey. Do not judge those or wish ill to those that

show you the contrast of the light and dark. Focus, dear children on your own unique spark and discover

the gifts within that you can share with this planet. How can you shine the brightest for all to see? Howe

do you hold your own light and frequency? Each one of you effect every other on your planet. As your

light and frequency rise, so does the frequency of all and also that of the planet. As you elevate and

strive to maintain your own state of high frequency then all move with you. Strive to continually return

to your high state of frequency and be aware when your frequency shifts and you find yourselves

dwelling in negative emotions or thought. Of course you may serve as you please in whatever means

that gives you joy and sparks your creativity. Your inner work however is what will shift your planet.

As you embody compassion for yourself as well as all others struggling in doubt, confusion and fear you

can return to your state of gratitude and peaceful balance. Look upon those that struggle in the

darkness with compassion, soften your heart and smile gently upon them knowing that you are living

embodiment of the Divine. In this knowing, your light will go forth and touch the minds and hearts of all

those that have not yet awakened to their inner beings, to the glorious light that lives within them. Be

the living embodiment of the divine, clear away and release within yourselves all fear, trepidation and

worry. Shine brightly and calmly for all to see and feel. I AM within you as is every other divine aspect of

the divine. Go within and be at peace. As above, so below.”


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