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Sananda Speaks-Time Is An Illusion

In this explanation is the answer to a direct question asked of The Family of Light. The question put forth

to be answered by The Family of Light was ‘Is the Event one moment when We will collectively shift into

5D?’ Sananda arrived with his deeply loving eyes and immediately began to speak.

“My dear you are asking about time which is an illusion. Some questions require an answer with spiritual

common sense and spiritual common sense would dictate that a ‘moment’ where you all shift into 5D

connotes that you are All vibrating at the same frequency and experiencing ‘time’ as one and the same.

Each being on your planet, every soul is at a different vibrational frequency and therefore will

incrementally move into a 5 th dimensional reality individually as the soul evolves and their Higher Selves

moves them into the frequency most suited for that individual. As each soul shifts into a higher

dimensional frequency-‘time’ as well as their individual experience will shift for that soul. In essence, as

the individual soul shifts out of 3 rd and 4 th dimensional reality and ‘time’, they will experience the 5 th

dimensional reality which already EXISTS. Each soul is aligning itself to that reality. The human mind

desires to ‘simplify’ the shift into a ‘time’ based occurrence that the brain can relate to. This is

understandable indeed within a linear time experience.”

“There is not a collective Event in the simplified manner that you are inquiring about. That would mean

everyone on the planet would be in exactly the same place vibrationally. Yet… it will seem or even

appear to that individual soul that all have shifted with them as they will be experiencing a vibrational

reality that already exists. All is occurring at once as you come to know that there is not really linear

time as you know it. Thus, the ‘event’ that you inquire about will be experienced for souls as they evolve

and will look quite different for each individual. These are challenging concepts when one has a firm

footing in linear time. The shift into 5D for each soul is an individual journey yet as one rises in

vibrational frequency it will also appear to be collective as the 5D You already exists as does the 5D of

everyone else. Many events will be offered as opportunities for collective growth yet each soul will

respond in their unique way.”

“It is possible to remember your own unique ‘event’ that joins you with your 5D self through various

means yet this may not be anyone else’s unique ‘event’ as all are on their own unique and perfect

journey. In closing I would add that there is perfection also in the 3D and 4D experience and each

dimensional experience is not ‘better or worse’ which is an underlying theme inherent in this question.

Each experience is perfection unto itself. Duality is not ‘wrong or right’, It just is an experience as any

other dimensional experience. In many there is the desire to ‘escape’ 3D, 4D experience and in that is

yet another lesson for the soul. Observe the contrast of the choices presented to you and choose the

one that feels wonderful and nurtures your spirit. Yet do not judge those in a different vibrational place

with the feelings of hatred. ALL is of the Divine, even the experience of 3D and 4D. It is more beneficial

to the spirit to focus on the now rather than the past or future. Know that you are evolving yet where

you are Now is perfect. Embrace the opportunities that arise to live from your Divine Heart and Mind.

Blessed be brothers and sisters of Divine Light and Love.”


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