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Ashtar Speaks From His Mothership- A Jump Into Divine Heart & Mind

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself entering the astral waiting room of

Ashtar’s mothership, The New Jerusalem. My Pleiadian multidimensional aspect Astaria arrived and we merged together as I left my astral self in the waiting area. One with Astaria we moved through the plasma doorway into the higher dimensional aspect of Ashtar’s Mothership of Light. As we moved down a hallway toward a large meeting room, I observed the diversity of galactics and lightbeings arriving. I noted how diverse the New Jerusalem was in comparison to the Athena which is largely Pleiadean and Arcturian. The New Jerusalem has a great diversity in Beings that serve the One. Astaria and I greeted Ashtar at the doorway to the meeting room, and this magnificent being donned his traditional bow to Astaria as he welcomed her.

“Commander Astaria,” he spoke telepathically as he beamed his radiant love. Along with many

beings, we flowed into the meeting room and at the same time, beings appeared in the room as

if from out of thin air as if they heard the call and knew where to arrive. Once the meeting

room was filled, Ashtar began to speak.

“Brothers and sisters of the One, We gather in this Now as Gaia and our grounded ones (our

counterparts in the 3 rd dimension) swiftly move into the new energetic gateway and the

energies of the Great Central Sun emanate the highest vibration of Light seen upon Gaia thus

far. We acknowledge those of you upon Lightships that are ‘softening’ the intensity of these

transformative energies in oreder to protect the delicate physical systems of our grounded

ones and of humanity. We assist from our ship as well to disperse these rays of Light and

vibration greatly across the planet. As the Will of our grounded ones and the will of humanity

shifts we have become aware that some on the planet are ready and desiring a ‘jump’ in

vibration in this now, opening further the Divine Heart and Divine Mind of those that are ready.

This ‘jump’ will occur collectively and individually as is appropriate. Our grounded ones will thus experience an influx and download of abilities that we had not anticipated to occur in this

timeframe. We are being asked and called upon to serve and assist as our presence has been

requested by the One and the higher selves of our grounded ones. Our grounded ones and

those awakening upon the planet have called for our more direct assistance and presence.

Many are remembering us and their connection to us. Those grounded ones that have chosen

as their missions to act as galactic ambassadors and holders of the Light will be experiencing

more direct presence and guidance from us as requested. Directors have been chosen and

called upon to serve as liasons between us and the grounded ones upon Gaia. The Directors will

oversee these more direct contacts with our galactic brothers and sisters and humanity.”

(Higher dimensional beings rose above the others in the room to be seen by all in attendance,

many of which I have never observed in my travels.) “It is a most wondrous Now, brothers and

sisters as so many upon Gaia have chosen to elevate their consciousness and serve as

wayshowers and ambassadors of galactic energies and the Light of the One. Go in the Light of

the One. We will review and reconvene in the Now which is most appropriate in this timeline of


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