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My spirit guides are Multidimensional aspects of Me!

For as many years as I can remember, prior to meditating I would call in my spirit guides and highest self to guide me and be present with me. I would “sense” when they were all present and then begin my meditation. I recall several years back being at a group meditation and we were all asked to visualize our spirit guides in a sacred place with us and we would be looking at them. During this exercise, as I viewed all my spirit guides, I noticed they were all extraterrestrial looking except the blonde in the silver skinsuit that I have seen since I was a child. I always assumed this was normal since I’ve always seen her this way. But to see the others and observe that they did not look human at all was a revelation. I had no idea what to do with this and had no place to put it at the time so it was stored in the compartment of my brain where the other seemingly strange and unusual visions and thoughts were placed.

After Waking Up and recalling that my Pleidian self was actually me and also remembering my Arcturian self with the assistance of the Arcturian group, I had a sudden Knowing. None of my guides were actually outside of me, they were all multidimensional aspects of me. Had it always been this way? I do not know if that changed as I became more aware or if it had always been that way. I suspect that it had indeed always been that way. In my meditations which are actually journeys into higher consciousness, I experience all my guides as aspects of myself in different dimensions. There is nothing outside of me and if a vibration enters my meditation that is not an aspect of me, I know it isn’t as it doesn’t resonate with my energy. For example, until many multidimensional aspects of me became apparent to me, my former galactic teacher that passed into spirit was with me in my meditations. I Knew she wasn’t an aspect of me when she came into my meditation for the first time. She didn’t resonate with my energy and she was a Pleidian female. I recognized her energy as my teacher that I loved dearly. She didn’t speak but sent me the energy of love. As several aspects of my multidimensional self came into my meditations, she left. I am so joyful that she joined me for a time and gave her much gratitude.

The aspects of myself that are my guides and assist me in growing and expanding I experience as ascended aspects of me, meaning that they are fifth dimensional and beyond. In this vibrational awareness they are as I understand it, limitless in their perception. The aspects of me that interact the most in my journeys and meditations are the ones involved with the ascension experience and process. For example my Pleidian, Arcturian, Draconian, Lemurian, Lady of the Pearl self, Seraphim self and Higher Self are more interactive with me than other aspects of myself currently. So what is multidimensionality anyway? I will tell you how I been shown this concept in my own meditations and journeys. It would appear that there are twelve dimensions and then there is the state of consciousness that is beyond the twelve dimensions that I experience in the Great Central Sun. I travel there often and only perceive very high dimensional aspects of myself and aspects of Mother/Father God there. So these twelve dimensions each have several different levels within them as well. I think that to perceive one as better than the other is a misperception. They are different dimensions of light and love and involve different experiences with Mother/Father God. For example the Arcturians as I experience myself in this group are a group consciousness and do not experience individuality. My Higher Self came to me as “I am that I am.” I have a name for my higher self in order to distinguish it from other aspects of myself that are also connected with Mother/Father God such as my Seraphim self and Lady of the Pearl aspect. These aspects have described or shown to me that they are always one with Mother/father God vibrationally and have never left that state of beingness as other aspects of myself have in order to experience the illusion of separation. So I experience my Soul as having limitless aspects in order to experience all that the universe has to offer in terms of experience. And I perceive that my Soul does this all for Mother/Father God as Mother/Father God cannot know what it is unless it experiences what it isn’t. The benefits and experience of Duality in a third dimensional realm affords this. That is why I came here in the first place. But then…Duality has it’s own inherent issues and potential problems that are obvious if we look around at the current and past thousand years of life incarnate on Gaia. The multidimensional aspects of myself as comprehended by me, third dimensional me, perceive and experience themselves as limitless in their perception, knowledge and vibration.

So it is true for me that when I meditate or journey into different realms and dimensions I am accompanied by other dimensional aspects of me. When I meditate or journey, other aspects of Mother/Father God often join me. Archangel Michael, Ashtar, Sananda and Universal Mother Mary are always present. One may be more interactive with me depending on what I am experiencing or what light (information) is being conveyed. All these beautiful masters of Light have all conveyed that “We are One”. I was once asked if I thought that these beings of Light are multidimensional aspects of me. That is an expansive question and one that we may all experience differently. My current understanding is that these Beings of Light resonate with my vibration and as I have remembered each of them am aware that there is an eons long vibrational relationship with these particular beings. When I journey into another dimension or realm, I do not know which Being of Light is going to join me. For example, Merlin has appeared and spoken to me, as has Quetzalcoatl, Metatron and Mary Magdalene. There is a recognition of these Beings of Light before I interact with them. When a new being presents itself, I feel a knowing or kinship with that Being, there is a moment of ‘Hello, Remember Me?” vibrationally before an interaction occurs between us if the vibration is new. I do believe that we are One ultimately in that we are all the same Creator Beings from the same Mind and Heart of Mother/Father God.

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