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Goddess Isis Speaks-Heart Centered Living is the Key

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself approaching the Athena lightship. Before I entered, the Great Goddess Isis appeared. I remained where I was to greet her. She indicated that she had a message for those of the Earth plane. I imparted that I would be happy to receive it and she began.

“Greetings and love from the divine feminine. So many of you on your planet, the brave and sometimes weary lightworkers have continued to anchor and embody the rays of the Great Central Sun that continue to expand your bodies and your lightbodies at an exponential pace. So many of you have felt and recognized the importance of returning to your hearts and finding the compassion within to transform your own shadows, your own conditioning and the false matrix that has blinded and kept you all from the knowledge of the beauty and magnificence that you truly are.”

“The sacred divine feminine has returned and so many of you have diligently embraced your divine hearts, that vibration of self love, forgiveness and compassion. In this remembrance of heart centered living and Being lies the key of shifting your beautiful Gaia. This divine energy of love, of heart centered living is the key to move your planet and yourselves out of the false matrix and back to the sacred twelve fully activated DNA blueprint that you all hold. As you continue your inner work and put your highest intention upon becoming a pure conduit of love, of the divine feminine within yourselves, it becomes impossible for any dark faction, any negative energy to continue to control the matrix of your planet. This compassion and love for self creates the foundation from which All is illuminated. Darkness cannot exist within the light. As you shine and radiate with self love, self compassion, self forgiveness, you come to remember the radiant angels within. All false programs thus fall away.”

“Heart centered self love, the alignment with the Divine Mother within you brings the balance back to the planet and humanity energetically links, as you are all inextricably linked as One. Creator energy, the beautiful alignment with who you are must and will cause all false matrixes to fall away. As you release all judgment and often harsh appraisal of the self it will naturally extend outward to humanity and all others, even to those of low vibration upon the planet.”

“There are those whose missions are aligned with exposing and infiltrating the darkness and these beings of light incarnate were fully prepared to hold the divine light in the midst of great darkness. Aside from those beings assigned and prepared for this task, the large majority of lightworkers have the task and challenge to retain their inner balance, their inner equipoise despite the efforts of those that Now choose darkness to influence and retain the energetics of chaos, fear and hopelessness. The focus remains upon Self as this inward focus and alignment will keep the subtle bodies clear and radiant. What I speak of is vigilance in keeping the energetic body clear of the false matrix that has held humanity thus far. BE the creators that you are, align together with those of like minded energy and awareness. Combined together, clear conduits create a field of Light that radiates into the many matrixes and amplifies and restores the 12th dimensional matrix and pulls the energetic grids of the planet into the divine realms of Light. Thus the focus is Not on the dark ones and the false matrix as there your energy will go. It is focus upon the Light, the Joy you came to experience in the physical, the freedom and power of Creation within you. Information regarding the darkness is simply that…information dear ones. Yet do not allow it into your energetic field and your subtle bodies as this is the old program of the false matrix-it is the desire of the ones that choose darkness to slow the awakening of all upon your planet.”

“Awakened Ones, you, Beloved Ones have elevated the light quotient upon Gaia in ways that cannot be conveyed in words or fully understood. You, Beloveds, have brought the higher dimensional realm within reach of all. You have chosen this together and continue to move out of the 3rd dimensional matrix by simply anchoring the light and the love from the Great Central Sun, from the One within yourselves. I dance with Joy and wonder as I eagerly await your return to me, when all falsehood between us drops away. I bring you reminders of your brilliance, of your powers of Creation, of the Love that I and your extended family of Source Light bring to you in every moment. I am the embodiment of the Divine Feminine as are You. All is well and So It Is.”

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