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Sananda Speaks from the Great Central Sun-Together We Rise Archangel Michael Speaks from the Great c

My Merkaba activated and I found myself heading into the Great Central Sun, a flaming realm of golden white divine light. Before me awaited Sananda in his golden white radiant lightbody. He began to speak. “Beloved ones, know that the ones in darkness and all of humanity are receiving the light codes, the diamond light template that restores Gaia and humanity to their original blueprint. Do not cast judgme

nt upon another as in choosing that path, self-judgment prevails. It is the time of letting go and of finding your Core, your inner harmony, balance and peace. My beautiful ones, you have been charged with the great endeavor of grounding, holding and expanding the new template, the original blueprint that the Great Mother has decreed be restored. You have all come, angles, galactics in service of the Light. In your awakening to your Creator abilities, feeling, seeing and knowing the beauty, freedom and harmony of Gaia that is to come, free yourselves of all false ego and lower dimensional mind chatter. Allow your diamond light that you have been encoded with to enter the higher chakras and fill your high hearts with golden diamond light. The chakras, the energy centers, especially the higher chakras are now activated as the diamond light codes sent from the Great Central Sun and through the starships of light expand your consciousness from the lower realm of density to the higher emanations of frequency, opening and aligning you all to your cosmic, galactic and universal consciousness. The lower energy centers (chakras) transform and transmute the vibration of fear, anger and lower reactionary states. The diamond light infuses and transforms the traumas and past karma of the human experience. You all expand, transmute and dissolve the lower energies of density for all of humanity as all are One.”

“My beautiful angels, my brothers and sisters, your embodiments in this current timeline have been the cornerstones of the Divine Plan. In your embodiments upon Gaia, your free will, your awakening to the majesty that you are and your holding of the new template and the original blueprint of humanity was needed. In your free will to align with the One Creator, although we assist you tirelessly day and night, was The cornerstone, the essential part of the Divine Plan. In service to the One Creator, you all came into embodiment of the physical to use your free will to create Nova Earth. You came to bring forth the expansion of spirit in the physical and to anchor the original blueprint so that all of humanity may arise, return Home in the physical, heal and transmute all suffering, separation and imprisonment of the soul. The soul which is One with All. From our perspective that is unlimited, we applaud you as we work in Unity always with you in creating the Golden Bridge that humanity will cross into the Golden Age. We applaud you and we hold you as you accelerate the timeline for the great shift of Gaia, Nova Earth and humanity into the higher realms. My beautiful angels, we watch you in gratitude and wonder as you all Unite as heart centered spirit and remember the eternal light and divine power that is You. We rise together, in glorious triumph, guardians and wayshowers of Gaia and humanity. We hold you, your family of light, in our embrace of light and love. As One, with my hand in yours, as one solar cosmic Christ, we return to love. I walk with you and I hold you beloved angels. Together We Rise!”

(at this moment the thought came to me that I knew I could hold both dimensional realities at the same time and begin to write as his message was becoming too long for my memory...he nodded in approval and I leaned over to grab my pen and paper…we are always shifting into new awareness’s!)

“Shine your beautiful light and love for all of humanity, light and dark, awake and unawake to see and behold. Be the light amidst the chaos that precedes the ultimate order, the ultimate shift back to the realm that is your Home. All is well and all is progressing in Divine Time. Honor and love yourselves as this is no small endeavor, yet the goal is assured.”

Archangel Michael then appeared next to Sananda. I bowed my head and bid him to speak.

“My legion of blue, my warriors of the light, those that wield my sword of light, truth and justice, I call upon you to stand with me and transmute the vestiges of darkness that remain in the hearts and minds of humanity. Every being, each member of humanity is called to the Light and the mighty eternal power of the One Creator, the beloved Mother herself, the Creator of compassion and of all form. I call upon my legion of light to stand firmly in the light with Me, your steadfast and loving brother. Remember your wings my legion, remember the sword of love and transmutation that cuts through all forms of darkness and returns those on the cusp of transformation to the Light. Many of humanity are on the cusp of transformation. Rise up and show your Light for all of humanity, rise up and Be the light that rises above all machinations of falsehood and base instincts. Lead the way for all of those that linger in fear and chaos. My legion, you came to stand in your mighty power, to bring Light to the corners where darkness hides, to spread your wings and be the models and leaders of the Golden Age. Stand tall, mighty ones, the victory of Light is upon us. We, my legion of blue, all warriors of light have decreed that not one of humanity be left behind, not one of the Mother’s beloveds be left behind that have chosen the Light. So Be It, blessed ones, that we lift all upon our wings as one in the Light. My legion, warriors of the light, your strength is immovable. My legion, the galactics and angelics, feel the strength, mercy and compassion of the One as it moves through you and imbues each and very cell, your divine Mind and Heart with immovable strength.”

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