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Final Song for Great Central Sun Meditation-Ashtar Command

My beloved galactic family, I will share the interesting events of today with you. I thought it would be an uneventful day but not so. I was at the hairdresser and Johanna IM'd me on FB. She said she channeled a strange song while Ashtar was there with her., giving her this song. It was unlike any song that had previously come through for her. When it was done she asked him what to do with it. She said an image of my picture on FB came to mind and that Ashtar told her I’d know what to do with it. I told her that I’d listen to it as soon as I got home from errands. Johanna brings through such beautiful and touching songs from spirit. So I'm sitting in the parking lot at the grocery store in my car finishing my coffee and I see a saucer shaped cloud appear in the distance. There aren't any other clouds so I'm staring at it and it starts to glow, then separates into 2 more saucer shaped clouds. Then in my mind I hear "Ashtar Command", Bring in the light". So while I watched I said, Oh hello my fellow commanders. I keep watching these clouds (saucers) and they disappear and another appears and separates into 3 more cloud saucers. So I ask them, what are you doing? Then I see the cloud ships sending pulses of beams of light into the earth...and again I hear 'bring in the light". I was very aware that they wanted me to see them and felt so happy and excited that I was able to see them rather than just sensing them in the clouds as I often do.

So I finally get home and listen to Johanna's song and my whole body is vibrating and my Higher Self takes me through the whole meditation that was given to me regarding the journey to the Great Central Sun. Higher Self says the time is Now to bring in the light and that we were waiting for the song. So right now I'm doing some final editing and waiting for my galactic partner to get home as he's my technical expert so I can get the meditation out to everyone. I just IM'd Johanna to see if she wants to put the song in the meditation at the end, as this feels that’s where it should go. The song is actually a call to return to our Higher Selves, our lightbodies and the Great Central Sun! The I AM aspect of ourselves.

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