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Fall Equinox Quetxocoatl and the Great Central Sun

Happy Fall Equinox fellow Lightbeings and Masters! it became known to me yesterday that Gaia was requesting that she be the focus of energies of love and transcendence today on the Equinox. I asked higher self how I could be of service and HS suggested to take the day off and utilize the cosmic energies available today. I would like to share with you my interdimensional journey of the Equinox. This was one of our last beautiful indian suumer days in New England so I took the opportunity to lounge on Gaia outside in the warmth of the sun. i set my intention to bring Gaia the love she was requesting. I began to have the sense of a snake which at first startled me as I didn't relish the thought of one crawling over me. The vision quickly shifted and I perceived in my higher vision a huge rainbow colored serpent with wings. It spoke to me and said "I am Quetxocoatl". i had a recognition of this being and spent several moments admiring it's beauty and power while it observed me. I spoke to it and said "How may I be of service?" The merkaba in my mind spun and I found myself nearing the Great Central Sun with this glorious being. The portal opened and we entered the GCS. Inside, I immediately shifted into my seraphim self (more on that later). Wing to wing I connected energies with Quetxocoatl as other seraphim, masters, beings of light began to join us...all energies touching and uniting and forming circles within circles of energy. Quetxocoatl spoke of the great love for Gaia and for all of humanity. In unity, multitudes of great beings asked that Mother/Father God join us in assisting Gaia. A huge vortex opened above us in the GCS and a blinding golden light began to engulf us and merge with us. Golden columns of liquid light flowed from us as one in our layered circles out through the GCS to many motherships encircling Gaia, including my own ship, the Athena, where my Pleidian and Arcturian selves reside. These ships directed the liquid golden light to Gaia.

Another huge column of light entered Alycone in the Pleiades and from there through the Sun in our solar system, (our sun had a name but I cannot recall it). Through our sun the golden liquid light entered and surrounded Gaia-the core crystal illuminated brightly as did the cornerstone crystals in each direction. As Gaia became filled with the glorious light, I perceived a golden grid appear above the one already present. It appeared to look like the flower of life sacred geometry as I recall. Gaia appeared to be gaining another multidimensional layer, another octave seemed to be formed. I then heard, "to all of humanity that is remotely aware, things that have never been perceived will become visible, great change is imminent." Gaia beamed back her love and gratitude to us all. Before i departed the GCS, Quetxocoatl spoke of the awakening of the kundalini and the balance of the divine masculine and feminine on Gaia. I observed as it showed me two serpents intertwining in a dance together that ended with the joining of their heads. Perhaps you were present at this joyous event as when I went to write down my journey, I recalled being woken at dawn this morning. Someone was knocking in what I thought was my head but my cat woke up too. We both looked around as the knocking sounded like an echo in the room. I spoke to the knocker that had woken me and said i needed to sleep but as I write this I realize that my journey had already happened. Perhaps you were there. I knew when i awoke later that I had been far away in my consciousness. Perhaps you have your own means of grounding your HS in Gaia today. May the cosmic winds of change and the falling away of all that is not you this Fall be embraced with grace and gratitude. We are the Galactics, Masters, Angels, Mother/Father God. (Lord don't tell my mother i said that, she's catholic and is only pleased about the part of archangels talking to me;). Blessings to all and to Gaia

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