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Divine Mother Isis speaks from the Athena Lightship- Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside my lightship, the Athena.

Divine Mother Isis appeared as I approached my starship and upon seeing her, I observed her

gazing toward Gaia. I also looked upon Gaia with Isis and from this higher dimensional

perspective Gaia pulsed with rainbow colored rays and the golden, platinum crystalline matrix

surrounding her intermingled with her rainbow rays. She was glorious.

I turned my focus on Isis and she began to speak, “The divine feminine and the divine

masculine are One. As you, humanity, move toward higher conscious awareness there will be

the remembrance, the remembrance of the physical and spiritual union of the divine feminine

and divine masculine. At the level of Source, there is no such division yet for Source to

experience itself there was the illusion of separation into two parts-one feminine, divine music,

divine sound and vibration. A song so sweet the divine angels were gifted with singing into

being the very existence that you Now experience. The cherubim sang the song of the divine

Mother as the universe began it’s very existence and the Seraphim, as representations of the

divine Father projected the idea-the Light and thus the manifestation of the song of the divine

feminine Mother God.”

“As the divine feminine and an aspect of the divine Mother, I sing you this song of divine love

that Mother God has given me, the song of unconditional love that each of you carry within

your high hearts. It is a song that every mother upon your planet understands within their

hearts. The song that you sing to your children, that with the light of the divine masculine you

have brought into physical manifestation. This is a very minute analogy of Divine Mother’s and

of my love for you as humanity. This love, of the divine Mother and father is the creative force

of the universe that you will all come to remember and embody in divine time.”

“It is an illusion that you believe and often create belief systems around that it is possible for

you to be unworthy and unlovable in the eyes of the divine. Examine your institutions and

paradigms that would have you separate from this love within your high heart. Reform your

beliefs, your thoughts, your institutions that perpetuate the agenda of any possibility that you

could be anything but loved in each moment, every day, every hour. You are in fact this divine

love of Mother/Father God. It is the essence of which you are made. It is the eternal song and

light that you are composed of.”

“This was the magic and the indoctrination that I left upon the planet Gaia. I left the alchemical

remembrance of the unity of divine feminine and divine masculine and that it is within you,

each of you without exception. All darkness, polarity, evil thought and action arise from the

belief and the erroneous idea that you are

not divine, that you are not powerful creators within

yourselves. The truth was the seed that I planted long ago in your now earth time. I left the

knowledge that the love of the divine Mother is within each of you without exception. The

divine Mother as a 3 rd dimensional concept has been greatly misunderstood and subdued over

your centuries. The power of unconditional love and the many faces of the divine Mother

began to become feared by those in the 3rd dimensional realm. Mother is both creator and

destroyer, She is the seasons that bring you the wheat for your bread and she is the destroyer

of the chafe. She is the music of the spheres and the wonder of the stars above you. She is the

calmest of waters and She is the tsunami that destroys from which new life arises. She is the

cycles of nature, she is birth and death. She is in perfect balance with the divine Father.”

“Without the delicate and yet powerful union of the divine masculine and divine feminine there

is chaos…on an individual and on a global level. Individually this lack of union creates

imbalance, thoughts of destruction and of hatred and the lack of the divine feminine, the

unconditional love of the Mother within, there is senseless destruction of the self and of others.

The perfect union within the individual self represents the kundalini within the root chakra

where you are grounded and always connected to Mother Gaia. As the divine feminine, the

love of the Mother spirals up the spine, she longs for her beloved- the Light, the higher

consciousness of the divine masculine. In truth, they live together within the high heart. It is in

this mystical union that the remembrance of who you are is restored. It is in this union that the

high heart and the 3 rd eye, the unconditional love and all knowing are reunited. The song of the

Mother and the light of the Father are again united within your Being. This union was taught in

my schools as well as by others upon your planet and was well forgotten as well as much

repressed as the power of the divine feminine began to be feared upon your planet. One out of

balance, either the imbalanced expression of the divine feminine or the imbalanced divine

masculine creates pain and the inner experience of suffering and of duality. Inner “Feeling”

and/or outer “action” becomes greatly out of balance as one may experience individually and

thus collectively. The honoring of both equally is required to restore balance within yourselves

and upon your planet.”

“Compassion for the self and for all others is the key to the balance that you seek. The divine

feminine within you must rise to meet the light and the consciousness of the divine masculine.

This knowledge has been lost upon your planet and without the understanding and knowing of

Mother God’s love for you and the knowledge that You are that love there can be no balance. I

bring you Love and Knowledge so that you may embody your high hearts and create the state

of being that you desire. I lift you upon my wings of love and cherish the opportunity to once

again share the knowledge of the Love and Power of Divine Mother.”


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