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Ashtar Speaks-The Beginning of Understanding Multidimensionality

In all respects this was a conscious connection as I had questions for Ashtar. He is my family as

he is the recognized family of many. He is one of the multidimensional beings that I have a

personal connection and can easily be contacted with intention. The consciousness we possess

is unlimited from my perspective. As my consciousness merkaba activated, I focused on his

energy signature and we connected. I had a question as I had recently heard that another

human had received information that Ashtar was a multidimensional aspect of Sananda and

this struck a resonance within me. I felt I needed to ask him this question for confirmation. So I

began and asked him this question. He began to speak. “Yes I am a fractal of the energy that

you would call Sananda and would describe him as my higher self”. He showed me a

dodecahedron shape that seemed to have mirrors on each facet shooting out prism rays which

he explained were our fractals of multidimensional expressions. “This aspect of my

multidimensional self oversees this particular galaxy for the One Creator along with millions

that resonate with my energy and my mission. We are, our fleet, is composed of plasma ships

that can morph into any form we need to to accommodate humanity’s consciousness level or to

match the consciousness of an individual. There may be many individual experiences of myself

and my fleet. You, as humanity, are at the beginning of understanding multidimensionality and

it’s non-linear consciousness. Your 3D minds have great difficulty grasping that in the Now

(outside of the space-time construct) you currently are experiencing numerous

multidimensional experiences as aspects of your higher self. Your higher self can experience as

much or as little as it has No limitations.” Ashtar continued, “Many have not

consciously made the connection that my energy signature is that of Sananda yet many realize

they have an affinity for both Jesus/Sananda and myself. You too as individual fractals of your

higher self are comparable to the dodecahedron with immense numbers of fractals of light rays

experiencing in various multidimensional expressions which is all happening Now. It is possible

to connect with any of these aspects although it is most likely to connect with multidimensional

aspects of yourself aligned to assisting with Gaia’s ascension into the higher realm. Therefore it

is more likely (although not absolute) to establish a connection with a multidimensional aspect

of yourself assisting you in your mission here from various multidimensional realms.”

Since we had a clear and lovely connection I decided to ask him a question that had been on my

mind for some time. On a journey within my consciousness merkaba I had seen that there were

12 faces of the Great Central Sun. I had seen the Bull and the Lion face but was unable to make

out any of the other faces. I had been told once that I wouldn’t have recognized them and my

mind would have been unable to translate them but I was curious why. He responded, “the 12

faces that you observed represent quadrants of this universe. There is a distant link to your

astrology yet these faces represent energetic signatures of various galaxies. Each galaxy of the

universe resonates and has the template of that particular signature. The other faces would not

be recognizable from the current consciousness of the planet and of the human mind in it’s

inherent current limitations. As the 12 strands of multidimensional DNA begin to come online

the Divine Mind will be more fully activated and embodied and greater understanding of the

Creator and it’s wondrous plan will be able to be assimilated into consciousness. These

concepts are not linear and therefore cannot be grasped by the current limitations in

consciousness. The Lion represents the latent and forgotten strength, courage and spiritual

fortitude to delve into 3 rd dimensional forgetfulness and then evolve and rise again into

Oneness and full remembrance of one’s divinity. Souls with the courageous explorer signature

that experience all divine potential of experience resonate to the Lion aspect of the Great

Central Sun. Not all galaxies in this universe experience a complete multidimensional

experience of all dimensions and densities. All do observe and learn from you all and We all

expand together. Not one experience is more valued by the One than another. It is simply by

design of your individual Higher Selves that the desire arose for a larger multidimensional

experience. For a more linear understanding this quadrant of the galaxy has experienced the

lower (and I do not infer inferior) dimensions for an extended amount of time and has so to

speak “played out” all the dramas of polarity. Much of this quadrant of the galaxy has largely

evolved out of this experience. Gaia and yourselves as these ancient “galactic players” are at a

pivotal point where the shift in consciousness of the glorious being Gaia and yourselves will (as

we are One) shift the consciousness of this quadrant of the galaxy as ‘you’ the major players

will resolve the polarity game that you have been playing throughout the galaxy largely since

the beginning of this experience. We will All continue to move back to the Oneness together.

Many of you feel the impatience of this as you can feel the magnetic pull on your Being back to

the One and that vibration of unconditional love and unity.”

“Wondrous times indeed and We are with you in curiosity and anticipation of what your

evolved consciousness will create for yourselves and Gaia. You may all ‘project’ yourselves into

future timelines to peek yet all is not set and as your consciousness evolves you will all create a

most unique experience and join the other evolved beings in cocreating the upward spiral of

this quadrant of your galaxy. Godspeed galactic lightbeings. In love and courage, Ashtar.

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