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Archangel Metatron Speaks from the Great Central Sun- The Diamond Crystalline Matrix

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself before the Great Central Sun.

Archangel Metatron greeted me in his spectacular multicolored orb form. He began to speak.

“All form is sacred geometry as you understand it. The original matrix of Gaia as her blueprint

was designed and created as the planet she Now is and put into place by the Seraphim in unity

with the One Mind and Heart. This original matrix is the flower of life-now known as the

Diamond Crystalline Matrix. Gaia was originally the playground of the angels-various 12 th

dimensional Beings established the original matrix which then began to take form within

matter. The diamond crystalline matrix which we will now call this original template was

designed in Divine perfection. All the codes of your 12 perfected strands of DNA correspond to

this matrix. All the potential of the multidimensional DNA up to the 12 th dimension are present

in the diamond crystalline matrix.”

“Other matrices as agreed by the One including humanity were created as Gaia evolved, as You

as the One desired to experience duality-the polarity of the potential of existence outside the

remembrance of the One. All beings that you now view as dark, evil or place judgement upon

are attached to these lower vibrational matrices. These matrices allowed the experience of

separation and thus began fear based emotions, all the lower vibrational emotions not

resonating to unconditional love such as envy, anger and greed. The illusion of separation You

as lightworkers now understand is simply an experience you are currently and temporarily

experiencing in your human physical forms.”

“Beautiful courageous awakened angels, you are being gifted these original codes from the

Great Central Sun, the heart of the One and from the galactics and celestials that have heard

your desire and the desire of Gaia to return to the original perfected template of the diamond

crystalline matrix. All dimensional realities of Gaia and of experience upon her are held as

‘potential’ within the crystalline matrix. The limited experience of time and space has restrained

the shift of your consciousness in it’s limited focus on 3 rd /4 th dimensional Gaia. All dimensional

realities exist simultaneously within the Now. Again, all Realities and states of consciousness

exist Now. If you were to surrender to the Now and silence the ego mind, it is possible and even

probable to connect to the higher dimensional versions of yourself, your multidimensional

aspects that experience within the 5D Now of Gaia.”

“We are assisting you as your family of light in infusing and bringing online the original codes of

the crystalline matrix. This, in turn, restores your multidimensional DNA which will in

increments come online. You are ‘catching’ these codes, unconsciously or consciously which is

causing your lower vibrational forms to be infused with and to embody ever increasing light

codes. In your time and space, which is an illusion, this is appearing or feeling as if it is very

slow. As lightworkers you have an ever increasing remembrance and desire for your innate

being, your divine self to be restored to it’s original eternal vibration and resonance of

unconditional love. This state, this 5 th dimensional vibration and resonance already exists in the

Now and you may experience this state of unconditional love as you learn to shift and hold this

vibration. You may choose to meditate on and connect to the diamond crystalline matrix. When

you connect your consciousness to the original divine blueprint you may find it is a most

beneficial tool to elevate your consciousness and vibration further allowing you to experience

and maintain for longer periods the vibration of unconditional love.”

“It is understood that many of you in form desire to ‘jump’ into the vibration of unconditional

love yet it is such a contrast to the lower vibrational 3/4D Gaia that your physical form requires

smaller infusions of such divine powerful resonance. It is not desirable to burn out your circuitry

and this was understood before you took this form in this lower dimensional matrix upon Gaia.

It is useful and very desirable to request assistance from your higher dimensional selves that

are You in higher realities and from your extended family of light. Your higher dimensional

aspects are entirely aware and connected to You in their expanded perception, they wait your

open invitation as do We.”

“The mission and work you are undertaking upon Gaia is of utmost importance as you are the

vessels and containers of the original divine matrix. As you embody the original codes and

template, the lower dimensional matrices are transformed and transmuted and the diamond

crystalline matrix becomes more predominant upon the planet. We, your celestial and divine

family of light honor you-We learn much of your bravery and courage in transmuting the

vibration of fear and we hold you in our unconditional love as you release the illusion of

separation, of time and space and shift into the Now of unconditional love and unity. You have

been the wayshowers and are shifting yourselves and Gaia and all of humanity out of the cycle

of experiencing and believing the illusion of separation. The more you shift your consciousness

and vibrate to that of unconditional love the easier you will find that you can maintain your

birthright and join us once again in your original eternal state of Being.”


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