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Sananda Speaks From the Great Central Sun-Awaken Seraphim!

My consciousness merkaba activated and I immediately found myself within the Great Central

Sun. Sananada greeted me and he began to speak. “The seraphim are the consciousness, the

template of divine form as the Divine Mind which is thought. The cherubim are that of the

Divine Heart, emotion. Seraphim are One, not individual although this may be experienced in

the 3D. The Seraph oversoul may be understood as individual for 3D understanding. As

Thought, along with the unconditional love of the One, created Form. Seraph created from the

One Mind the Crystalline Matrix of light through which form could manifest. The diamond

crystalline matrix, the blueprint of perfection is predominant as the diamond or octagon in

sacred geometry. This symbolizes the 8 or the infinity symbol. As fractals of the Oversoul and

higher self, there is descent from the 8 th dimension into the lower dimensional experiences of

form. The 3 rd dimension is symbolized as 3 or the triangle-Mother/Father God and the Divine

Child (as a fractal of the perfect opposites in perfect harmony). The Divine Child then moves

into form.”

“The Seraphim’s fractal 3D selves hold the divine blueprint within as they are always connected

to their Seraph Oversoul. As the Seraph awaken, they remember they are the holders of form-

they are the Thought and Creator of the diamond crystalline matrix. All Seraph are One and as

they awaken and connect with one another, they remember the creation of the matrix. In

alignment with their Seraph oversoul they are innately formed to become One with this matrix-

or Divine Thought. As they utilize their imagination, the Divine Mind-to connect to their

creation, they begin to embody the crystalline matrix of perfection. This action in turn creates

the return and restoration of 3-4 th dimensional Gaia to that of its perfect state of the 2 th

dimensional oversoul. This not only shifts the planet but shifts the galaxy whose oversoul is in

its spiral evolution back to the One.”

“The Seraph in essence are the holders of the diamond crystalline matrix. As they consciously

bring the diamond crystalline matrix online and into themselves, the Thought, the Divine Mind

returns and Gaia will shift at that ‘moment’ back to the 5 th dimensional vibration of

unconditional love and continue to spiral upwards towards it’s original 12D blueprint. Winged

Ones-you are the planetary eagles and We ask you to take flight in your consciousness as We

shift together on the upward spiral to join with the One Mind and Heart once again. Godspeed

Angels as you become One with the diamond crystalline matrix. As an aspect of the Divine Mind

I invite you to call on me as your guide and loving brother. I too am Seraph and am here to

assist and be of service to the One.”

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