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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians from the Athena Lightship- Your Imagination is Real

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself entering the Athena lightship.

The Arcturians met me at the plasma doorway and we walked through. I followed them

through a doorway into a room on the right. When I entered the room I joyfully looked

around as I realized we were on a tropical beach. The sand was perfectly golden and

gentle waves of aqua blue water lapped at the shore where we stood. They began their

message. “Dear Ones, it is a wonderful thing to daydream…to imagine things exactly as

you want them. You do not have to physically go Anywhere yet you can take your mind

to that place. Alllow your fantasies, your imagination to take you to the best place, the

best situation and the best outcome possible. We see the ego, the ‘trappings,’ the free run

of the ego mind worrying about outcomes…the ‘what if’? Should I or shouldn’t I? How

will it be? We see the ego mind as the biggest obstacle to begin experiencing the 5 th

dimensional state of unconditional love.”

“In your relations with others, your careers and in your daily small hurdles, take your

mind, the egoic mind to the best possible place you can imagine or fantasize in that

scenario. We would suggest imagining the best possible outcome for all adventures and

scenarios throughout your day. We simply suggest that at least once a day before going to

your job or beginning work for example that you take the time to feel good, to set your

intention and see in your mind’s eye the best possible day and interactions with others.

This may also be used as a technique or practice with in daily interactions with your

children or significant other or those that you live with. Take a moment and breathe in the

perfection that will be Your day. Visualize and speak your intention out loud whatever

that may be before you begin to interact. In your imagination..which is Real…all was

imagined into Being by the One…feel and see the perfect outcome for yourself and

others. Once you have completed your practice of imagining, feel how wonderful and full

of love and joy your activity or interaction will be.”

“Creation of reality is created by Knowing-the inner knowing that this is the reality

created by you. No other being need share or agree with your reality that you have

created. There is no control over others as each uniquely and individually creates their

reality. Many of you comprehend what we are saying here as you have met those that

view their reality in a completely different manner than yourselves. This is all perfect and

in divine order as each being is on it’s own unique path of experience. Yet this is the key

to creating your own reality. This is the key to creating a reality for yourself that is filled

with peace, joy and love.”

“When you practice awareness and learn to harness the ego mind then you will find that

your imaginings, your thoughts and feelings become aligned with the experience that you

seek. Once the ego mind is mastered in this manner, thinking and feeling the best and

then knowing it will happen, it cannot Not happen. More and more this will become the

reality and experience that you create. Much is to be learned by the reflection of others,

do not misunderstand. If your experience brings you those that are angry or complaining

and never satisfied then one may look within and the self’s thoughts and feelings and if

this is resides inward then it must be owned, felt and released. Yet as you practice the

thoughts, feelings and knowing to create your own reality and release the negative within

yourself, you will come to see and experience that you attract those people, experiences

and situations that are a vibrational match to your created reality. Be the observer of the

mind and choose to imagine, think and feel on a higher vibrational level. You will come

to experience and know that you simply Forgot how all Creation is manifested.”

“All that is not in alignment must and will fall away. This is the last concept that we see

many resist as the ego mind says that you can “change them, tolerate them, or model this

for them.” Many people and experiences will fall away as this is the natural course and

outcome of raising your vibrational frequency. Trust in the process of letting go and

allow the situation and people more aligned to come in. We understand your attachments

to people, places and things yet this is also a trap of the ego mind. What no longer serves

must be released with gratitude and appreciation. Thank the past and those that taught

you the lessons you needed. Release what is no longer a vibrational match to you and

allow yourself to feel and acknowledge the sadness of grief. This will be replaced by a

newfound sense of freedom and joy. We, your Arcturian family and your family of Light

stand beside you You are never alone on your sacred journey Dear Ones. We are the

Arcturians and we bid you a good day of imagining your Reality. We enjoy the

opportunity to applaud you and share our knowledge. Blessings to one and all.”

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