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Divine Goddess Isis Speaks from the Athena Lightship- The Divine Feminine and Masculine Return to Ba

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Athena lightship. As

I gazed upon it, Isis the white, winged Goddess appeared before me. She indicated that

she had a message and began to speak,

“The divine Feminine and Divine Masculine now return to balance. The divine feminine,

when oppressed and suppressed becomes the expression of depression, inaction and

vengeful destruction. The oppressed divine feminine has many dark faces..madness,

malice and anger are some. The divine masculine without the divine feminine becomes

action without love, war, terror and violent action toward the self and thus all others as all

begins within the self.”

“Shiva and Shakti are forever intertwined, the balance of opposites that creates the

perfect balance of divine love, mercy and action. When the divine feminine and the

divine masculine are out of balance as is seen upon your planet, there is conflict and

battle between the two as you now see played out upon your planet as the collective

consciousness reflects the individual consciousness. Each desires to return to their

balanced state yet has forgotten within the veil of forgetfulness how to achieve this state.

The divine feminine within is love for the self, mercy, compassion and forgiveness and

also the destruction and obliteration of all form or matter that does not resonate to love.

This includes thoughts and feelings which become matter in their own right albeit much

slower due to the density humanity currently resides in. Thus the inner mental and

emotional state when in conflict and in a negative state creates disharmonious forms of

matter, bringing more dark forms upon your planet as all thoughts and emotions manifest

into form even though it occurs slower due to the vibrational density.”

“The divine feminine within all humanity..male and female alike is now striving for that

balance. The divine feminine is that spiritual state of unconditional love, for the self and

then radiates out to all levels of consciousness upon your planet. This imbalance of the

divine feminine within humanity and it’s subjugation of this divine power creates the

negative polarity or the manifestation of polarity. The unconditional love of the divine

feminine is the most creative force in the universe. A thought arises within the one

unified field and the emotion combined with the thought and the love and compassion

inherent in those thoughts and emotions or lack thereof creates.”

“Within each male and female is this divine power of Creation that has always been

yours and indeed the greatest power. Shiva and Shakti must be divinely merged and

married within for the transition to the 5 th plane of density. This is the remembrance and

the inner state of balance within those of humanity that will bring beloved sister Gaia to

the next natural state that you have chosen to experience. Thoughts, feelings and action

must be in alignment with the divine feminine’s virtue of loving compassion. This state is

achieved by within and for some that have chosen so may be triggered by the physical

reunification of soul aspects that you term twin or true flames and the reunification of

soul groups also incarnating together. Some have multidimensional aspects such as

mirroring twins in the higher densities that align with you as you desire and assist with

the inner marriage of Shiva and Shakti. Yet the individual work is within, reuniting the

divine feminine emotional self, love and compassion with the divine masculine

thought…always creating loving actions into form. When the inner forces of the divine

feminine and masculine are balanced there is a return to the state of unconditional love

and unity consciousness as all decisions and actions of humanity arise from the natural

state of divine balance and love. There then is the knowing that All creatures, all beings

come from and are One with the Divine Creator. The perfect balance of masculine and

feminine within the human vessels remember that this is an experience for which to

know yourselves. To remember your divine state and the power that you wield within

yourselves. Practice loving kindness daily toward yourselves and All beings. Amidst the

distractions and outer reflections of your world it becomes the most valuable of work-to

restore the balance within. I send each of you love and courage and the spirit of

perseverance. In Love and Light always and forever. ~Isis”

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