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Archangel Metatron from the Great Central Sun- You Are the Heart and Mind Merkaba

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself outside the Great Central Sun

(heart/soul of Mother/Father God). Metatron, the immense orb of psychedelic swirling

rainbow light appeared before me. He appeared in such close proximity that my merkaba

begin to spin furiously from the vibration. He immediately surrounded me with the

geometric form of a cube and this stabilized me so that I could focus. He began his

communication. “We will begin with a talk on form and the consciousness merkaba. It is

appropriate and timely for this. And so everything is formed or created-meaning matter,

through what you have termed sacred geometry. These are referring to the platonic solids,

which ultimately form the flower of life that you are all familiar with. The geometry was

a creation through which to form matter and create the illusion of separateness from the

Divine Source.”

“In the beginning there was us as one. Love and Consciousness existed as one. This is

beyond the physical mind’s comprehension yet we will simplify. The thought (Divine

Father) and the Feeling (Divine Mother) arose within us as One that we could only know

ourselves if we understood and experienced what we were not. Thus you and I were

birthed into the universe form the Great Central Sun. We were birthed as great beings of

love from the womb of the Divine Mother. As beings of Love and Consciousness we

were eager to begin creating this universe and all it’s possible variations of experience.

This experience was created through sound-the vibration of love and thought-sacred

geometry. This universe was based on 3,6 and 9 as the basis of this thought. The heart

and mind of Divine Source has always been within you yet as form or matter was created,

the illusion of Outside began to appear very real. In the 3 rd dimensional realm, the

ultimate experience of separation was planned. Prior to the completion of full separation

upon the consciousness of Gaia where you all decided to forget who you were there was

still remembrance and the easy access to your heart and mind merkabas initially. You

could easily focus inward and experience and remember your innate love and your

consciousness was unlimited and in alignment with the mind of the Divine Source. As the

density increased, the heart and mind merkabas were forgotten and all appeared to be

truly Outside of you.”

“None of this was accurate of course yet the feeling of fear became prominent due to the

complete illusion of separation. The level of numbing and suffering could not have been

known to any of us as you all created the experience. The fear arose largely from the

experience and subsequent feeling of abandonment by the Divine Source. This was

profoundly felt by the Divine Source and the entire universe which is why we, all

archangels, beings of love and the Divine Mother are calling you home. And back to the

merkaba…You are the merkaba, you are a vehicle of light! You may envision this in

whichever form feels like home for you. You may envision this as a point of light within

a circle-the heart of love (point of light) within the circle of light (divine

thought/consciousness) or you may envision it as a merkaba within your heart and a

merkaba within your mind. The mind/consciousness merkaba is centered around the

physical pineal gland. The downward pointing triangle or top of the mind merkaba spins

clockwise. And the bottom upright triangle of the mind merkaba spins counterclockwise.

As you focus on the mind merkaba in your awareness you may feel it spinning either

way, both are correct if felt.”

“This is the vehicle where you may travel inward to any destination that is divinely

desired. It has always been and will always be you. Remember it is your true self, your

lightbody consciousness. It is not limited and no outside vehicle is required for travel.

Everything you need to return home has always been within you. There is a heart

merkaba as well and they are not separate yet for greater understanding in this moment

we are simply describing them separately. When they are both engaged-you are fully in

your lightbody as an ascended lightbeing. This is of course your natural and eternal state

of being. Your chakras or spinning light centers are anchors and communication centers

to stay connected and centered in the physical body. When you fully engage your

lightbody, your merkabas become one as you return to your true divine form.

Remembering your merkaba vehicle(s) is part of the remembering of your

multidimensionality. Your higher self/oversoul is one with the Divine Source in this very

now. As the hall of mirrors of the 3 rd dimensional experience falls away and you release

the lifetimes of fear of abandonment, you will come to remember your enormity of being

and that the tiny fragment of you that has chosen this experience is an unlimited being of

joy and that you are loved beyond measure by Divine Source. You will in time remember

that you are eternal, that you are the heart and Mind of Divine Source. Godspeed human

angels. You are so loved. ~Metatron”

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