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Sananda Speaks from the Athena Lightship-Time to Heal, the Violet Fire

My consciousness merkaba activated and I arrived outside the Athena of

my multidimensional homes that I share with so many. Once again, I paused to admire

Jupiter with her spectacular lightshow of swirling, shimmering colors. She looked joyous

and radiant. The Arcturians met me at the plasma doorway and we entered the inner ship.

They directed me to a room that is similar to an amphitheater with graduated floors so

that all can observe the center. The amphitheater resembles a half circle and the back wall

seems somewhat solid although that can easily change, as the ship is organic and can

easily shift according to need. I took a place among the others, higher selves of humanity

in higher dimensional forms including angels, galactics, and lightbeings. Sananda in his

radiant golden white light stood in the center circle and began to speak.

“Brothers and sisters of love, of the Divine Light, it is my honor and my joy to speak with

you. We have Now come to the end of duality. It is done. Ancient Ones..angels, priests

and priestesses, shamans of old, beautiful radiant ones, the experiment/experience that

arose from the mind of the Creative Force, of Mother/Father God has been completed. It

has all been experienced in the name of the One Creator. It is time to heal. It is time to let

go of the guilt, the shame and any darkness that has been held or is being held within

your being. For some it is the clearing of thousands of experiences in polarity. It is done

courageous ones and it is time for healing.”

“Any and all thoughts and feelings that arise can be acknowledged and blessed. We now

clear them.” The beautiful being St. Germaine arrived and stood next to Sananda. He

appeared to me as a golden, white being with shades of yellow, gold and green. Sananda

continued, “We now clear them together. We will use the Violet Fire of transmutation

and unconditional love. Call upon Me, I am here. Allow Us, your family and

Mother/Father God to surround you. Reach out with your heart and Know we are here.

Invoke the Violet Fire and as the magnificent creators that you are, make it real. Bring the

gift of the Violet fire Now into your crown chakra. Feel it and hear it. It is divine Love.

Blaze the sacred fire and breathe it down into your heart. Allow and then surrender the

thoughts, ideas and the feelings within yourself that you have dared not speak of. There is

no judgment here, only sacred, divine love. Blaze the Violet Fire from your heart,

surrender to the divine love and allow it to release you from all that burdens you, all that

irritates and pains you. Let me hold you. Come Home to us, to your family, to

Mother/Father God. We love you unconditionally.”

“It is time to heal all that you have gifted the One through your experience. It is time to

heal and return to your True self. We remind you of the sacred tools that you have

forgotten in the illusion of separation. You are Now released. You are now free. We

brush away the ashes of the past that you have now burned and released, the ashes of the

past, of all that you contributed to the One. We know you and we love you. Let us hold

one another’s hands and remember home. I am your loving brother Sananda.”

As he was finishing his words, all the beautiful beings began moving inward toward each

other, merging their light and love and then as if the Divine creator was breathing in, we

all began to move outward. This motion continued like an enormous wave as if the

Creator was breathing us in and out and I became lost in our sea of Oneness.

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