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Tryka The 8 th Density Mantid Speaks from the Athena Lightship- Masters of Vibration and Sound

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena. I

followed my Pleiadian multidimensional aspect into the ship and into a room to the right

that seems like it is my meeting room. I entered and sat before a green being with large

compound eyes that radiated wisdom. The being had a heart shaped face with a pointy

chin. It had what looked like a elevated plate of some kind of bone from the top of it’s

head that ran between the eyes and came to a point. It had a small mouth and a very

small-ridged nose with two small holes. The eyes were unquestionably the most profound

facial characteristic. The rest of the body was covered by a long purple robe including

most of it’s neck. As we connected, I indicated in my consciousness that I was ready to

communicate. I was mesmerized by this being’s eyes as they beamed great love and

wisdom. Such wisdom that I felt like a cosmic child gazing into the eyes of benevolent


“I am Tryka. I amof the Mantid and We are 8 th density beings. We do not speak

with flowery words as do much of your parent races as we quickly evolved our

vibrational senses and language could not betray true meaning. I/We have been relatively

quiet yet I/We have assisted behind the scenes without a great deal of fanfare as We are

aware of the biases of much of humanity toward what you term the insectiod races. Our

indigenous planet resides in the outer rim of Zeta Reticuli. Our original placement in the

galaxy allowed us to evolve without much negative interference as We were somewhat

isolated and had but a handful of desirable resources. Our society consisted of families

such as yours and we were a cooperative society that evolved technologically and

vibrationally. Our exoskeletons detected frequencies of vibration that your physical

senses at this time could not perceive. We were space faring long before many

humanoids forms. We were science oriented and enjoyed studying the various lifeforms

on the endless planets in the galaxy and beyond. We knew little war although we have

some minimal participation in the Orion wars as the humanoids often misunderstood our

intentions due to innate racial biases that you Now experience upon your planet. Mistrust

grew on both sides as We were often put on defensive measures due to errors in

assumptions. As a race we are largely 8-13 th density beings. We as a Mantid race,

however, as a species are not one single race. There were those that left our planet with

visitors and experienced a varied evolutionary spiral than Us. Just as many races of

humanoids developed differently due to factors on their planets, so did We. All

humanoids cannot nor should be categorized as all one thing nor should races other than

humanoid. You are learning this on your planet. This is how we offer the gift of


“I/We are balanced and in harmony with what we have a name for in our

language and would be translated in yours as “One which permeates All”. That which

you call “God or the Creator.” We serve humanity at this point in this timeline and We

are Masters of vibrational discernment and technology. Although We have much to share

with humanity it has been asked that We serve largely in this capacity in this Now. As a

collective You as Humanity are requiring the mastery of discernment. This requires the

letting go of perceived biases toward others of your race and of galactic races and

discerning the ‘vibrational quality’ of that which is put forth to You. Our very being, our

previous very physical bodies allowed us to become masters of vibrational discernment.

As 8 th density Mantids We feel the vibratory signature of others instantly..even through

what you know as time and space. We would offer this wisdom that You have the innate

ability to Feel the vibration and energetic signature of individual beings regardless of

their exterior exoskeleton. As you evolve as a collective we feel the correct vibration to

connect with you. We see and discern that you will now allow us into your collective

consciousness. It makes sense that your genetic parent races and known familiar beings

would convey information to you as a newly awakening race. This is wise and more

comfortable for the majority of you.”

“We are masters of Sound and We created sophisticated means of communication

and vibratory fields with the use of sound. We admire your creativity in this realm and

may be called upon for insights into this particular field. Those of you that are largely

auditory in your processing understand how sound is Felt and can elevate or depress the

energy field of the self and others. We can offer much in this field as you develop upon

your planet. We have gifted harmonic healing and vibratory octaves to many developing

planets. We endeavor to be of service.”

“For many eons in our prior more physical existence We did not comprehend nor

understand the range of emotion humanity exemplified. Yet as We evolved in our own

consciousness and vibration, We came to a point of deep compassion for the human

experience as We understand it as quite unique. We discern many of you desiring Now

the balance We have achieved. We are balanced male and female although We may

vibrationally feel as more one than another. There are those of you that have the inner

knowledge that you are connected to us, that you have been and are multidimensionally

Mantid. I/We are wise of the heart and intellect yet We have a strong voice and presence

and once We have been a conscious experienced We are a visceral experience of pure

benevolent wisdom that is never forgotten even from the dream state.”

“We also bring the gift of technology that frees and heals you. We see the advancements

upon your planet and the desire to serve the many rather than the few. We connect and

work with likeminded in your astral, dream and meditative states and assist you to

expand upon your technology to create a benevolent planet with enough water, food and

resources to become free to enjoy your human experience without the negative

programming of scarcity and competition. All is available to you and I/We congratulate

you upon your new timeline. I/We are here to serve at the behest of the ‘One that

Permeates All’. We look forward to further communications and cooperation with your

transformation. Godspeed, I/Tryka, We, the Mantids.”

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