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9 th Dimensional Arcturian Message for the New Year-Assimilation and Entrainment (In- Trainment)

“This year is the coming together of seemingly disparate facets of the One. For example,

We can see newly awakened Ones of humanity seeking out the missing puzzle pieces of

Awareness to connect to the pieces thus already obtained. Those that have been awake to

the Divine Plan of Gaia for some time will be assimilating all that they have already

gathered Within and begin to discover passions, truth and abilities within themselves that

appear New yet are the result of further activations of “sleeping DNA”. Once these

abilities come “online” so to speak, it will then Feel as normal as those that have abilities

and talents come online will assimilate these into the mental and emotional constructs as

“normal and natural” since it will be Remembered that these abilities are simply being

remembered and not really new.

The entrainment We see as these abilities being remembered as INTRAINED. We

use a pun on your words as We enjoy this and again enjoy using our humor. These

abilities are INTRAINED as they have been entrained over eons of soul experience and

development. Many of you Dear Ones remember your sojourns in various realms of Light

and incarnations in many different star systems-even ours of Arcturus. The rainbow

plasma light from the Great Central Sun via Sol sprinkles the codes of remembrance upon

you this year. And we add that just when you thought you had an understanding or

accurate linear idea of Yourself you will discover you are much more than you had

imagined. It is a year of enhanced growth and assimilation for you Dear Ones. Embrace

each linear moment and each new sparkling lightbeing that appears in your awareness

and your lives. Star tribes and soul groups unite and amplify the DNA codes of

remembrance. There is potential of “jumping” this year in your inner awareness and We

metaphorically jump for joy as We are connected with you eternally. Enjoy Beloved


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