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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians from the Athena Lightship- Individual and Collective Ascension

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself outside the Athena Lightship.

Again, Jupiter was within my view from a multidimensional perspective. She was

swirling and bursting with rainbow colors and She had a song, an octave that was her

signature. I thought to myself that I would like to remember each Being, each

consciousness that is a planet. With that thought, the 9 th Dimensional Arcturians joined

me and replied to my thought, “Yes, indeed, each planet is a conscious being, you are all

remembering that. We, have immense love for Her, (Jupiter), She is a glorious Being.”

As I focused my attention on the arcturians, we flashed inside the Lightship and were in a

dimly lit room with a holographic image of Gaia in the center of us. I stood in the circle

of Arcturians as Gaia floated and rotated in front of us.

The Arcturians began, “We wish to convey understanding. The energies of the

One creator, the Great central Sun, flow through your Sun, the Being Sol to your planet

Gaia. Often there are ships arriving through your Sun although those that believe they are

the current stars of the Grand Play would not like to openly share this with humanity.” I

asked if there were lower dimensional (meaning lower than 5 th ) beings that can travel to

our solar system via the Sun? Yes, there are some lower dimensional beings that have this

capacity and their physical ships are filmed and seen by your planet. Space faring races

have much to explore. There is a much larger plan that includes the entire galaxy parallel

to the ascension of Gaia and yourselves. Gaia and yourselves of humanity are to serve in

essence as a “flashpoint” of this larger plan and all would shift in vibration. It is no

accident that Gaia is on a backroad so to speak rather than a major highway in our galaxy.

Gaia has not been of great interest to all previously as other parts of the galaxy were

much more active in what you know as the linear past. Yet in a linear perspective there is

much focus upon Gaia by many in this Now.”

Gaia rotated in the middle of our room, the beautiful blue planet. The Arcturians

continued. “Multidimensional lightships are positioned around your solar system as are

We.” As I watched the hologram of Gaia, I saw small planet sized orbs of light come into

view relatively far out from our planet. “We are modulating the waves from the Great

Central Sun to assist in the dispersion of the waves to Gaia and yourselves, our beloved

family. We assist and we serve in this way so that the waveforms arrive in the most

correct state. We monitor these waves and modulate them so that your physical systems

and the organic lifeforms are sustained properly.” Why is this necessary I asked?

“Incremental shifts of your physical bodies are necessary so that the physical body is not

overloaded and your circuitry can adjust to the increasing waveforms. There is sound and

light codes within these waveforms.”

“Do those that choose darkness pose any threat to the Lightships I asked? “We do

not vibrate or exist on a level that they may interact with Us unless We choose to interact

with those of lower vibration. We are a collective consciousness, as are you all upon your

planet. We may be anywhere we choose in any Now in any time, space construct. We

may be here and on Arcturus. We may be with you in your living room and upon our

Lightship simultaneously. We are not bound by time and space. We could take a form

should it be appropriate yet if we were to be visible in your physical construct We would

likely appear as an orb of Light. Many have seen us as this. To expand upon your

question, those that choose darkness upon your planet are aware that We are here, and we

say We as in, those that serve the One. They cling to the illusion of control and yet it is of

no consequence. Having said that, even words are quite limiting in conveying

multidimensional concepts as they denote linear dualities. We would even change the

wording of ‘those that choose darkness’ to’ those experiencing lower states of

consciousness’ to assist you in less linear thought.”

As I listened, I saw Gaia before me begin to sparkle with bright lights on her

surface that became brighter and dimmer as if they were flashing on and off. The

Arcturians continued, “We focus on the joy we feel from You as we feel and observe

You move in and out of linearity and multidimensionality. You move in and out of your

higher dimensional states. As you connect with your higher selves you shine brightly and

then your light dims as you fall back into dualistic thinking.” As I watched the lightshow

upon Gaia, I asked them if we are ascending individually or collectively? “Again”, they

replied, “We try to convey concepts to your linear minds that are multidimensional in

nature. Understand that either/or, this or that… are linear questions that have

multidimensional answers. So we answer, Yes, You are ascending on this planet in this

Now individually and you are ascending collectively. You will move into that state of

mastery within the physical body. Not one of you will want to miss this experience. Who

would miss the end of their own brilliant play? We can hear the question of time that so

many of You ask. And we would answer that you chose this experience to enjoy your

physicality, play with those around you and live what gives you passion and joy. You

came to know mastery together. You are individual And collective.”

At this point I asked if there was an Event, where we would shift into a higher

vibration.” Again, We try to convey multidimensional concepts in a linear manner. Each

being is on a different trajectory of soul experience and will have a unique experience of

an Event. There will be the Now where You will jump an octave out of duality and

separation. The waveforms will reach a sort of crescendo. There will occur a ‘flashpoint’

where lower vibrations can no longer exist in the Light of the One Creator . It falls away

as this experience is no longer needed or appropriate in the Divine Plan. The time is

dependent on varying and shifting factors. We communicate this to You as your belief

and collective creation will determine this in harmony with the will of the Divine. You

are creators of magnificence. Ultimately it is each of You, brothers and sisters that will

bring the new state of consciousness as you remember who you are on a

multidimensional level. It will be You, as an individual and collective level, there is no

separation, you are all inseparably One from our perspective. As long as one of you

suffers upon this planet there is a collective suffering and when individually and

collectively you have aligned mind and heart with the One, there is that

multidimensional, quantum We would say ‘Pull’ that results in the culmination of All

humanity being lifted over the threshold of duality (experienced as separation) from the

One. Humanity, our galactic brothers and sisters of Light, so many of you have awakened

within the illusion. You are creating new earth by your awareness and transformation of

your individual impediments to the Light within the Self.”

“Dear Ones, do not despair upon hearing or receiving apparent contradictory

information. We and the brother and sisters of the Light attempt to impart

multidimensional information to your linear minds. Do not get caught up in yet another

limiting belief in that this is wrong information and this is right. Hold to that which

inspires and lifts and benefits You each as individuals as one may resonate to one concept

and another may be uplifted by another. That which inspires You and promotes the

highest connection within to the One Creator is most correct for you.”

“We do hear the requests for our manifestation on individual levels. Understand

that for the large majority of even those of you that have an Arcturian multidimensional

aspect, should we fully manifest ourselves to you it would disrupt your growth and

incremental progress. The ‘concept or idea’ of Us may feel congruent to your linear

mind, yet the actual experience would leave the minds of many in a state of disruption as

there does not exist a multidimensional framework within the 3 rd dimensional mind to

integrate and process this experience. We always choose actions that are in the Highest

good for your evolution and growth. Understand and know that We must modulate our

vibratory state to the vibratory state that is most correct to Yours. We have no limitations

in the manner that we appear or communicate with You. You will know the form and

means that is most appropriate for You by the feeling of it. Do you feel more joyful and

uplifted within that experience? Then do not doubt that it was our message and

communication with You as your inner knowing will confirm it. Dear ones, We have

most enjoyed this opportunity for connection and do not doubt that when you call upon

Us that We are not present as we hear and love each of you beloved ones. Enjoy one

another and continue to follow your inner joy and passions as We continue to observe

each of you sparkling with your beautiful shining Light in and out of the higher


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