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Great Mother Isis from the Athena Lightship- Diamond Crystalline Lightbody

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself in the white room upon myLightship that I’m most often in. Isis and Archangel Michael were with me as I hadpreviously released a lower vibrational being that had been in my energy field. AAMichael left and I was lying on the table with Mother Isis above my head. She is the onlybeing that I see that has ever had wings. From my perspective she has large wings ofwhite light. She conveyed to me that she had a message regarding current energeticupgrades. My spine has become very movable as if the vertebrae are not securelyconnected. This seems to pinch nerves here and there which I address quite well with myscenar device yet she began to address this issue and begin her message.“My dear”, she began, “you are having spinal tension and pain as your subconscious self-your ego self is resisting the download. Many others are unknowingly resisting as well asthere is not conscious awareness of what is happening on a multidimensional level.”What download are you speaking of? I asked. “The diamond crystalline lightbodydownload as it is occurring in this Now. Many are receiving this download as well andthis would be an opportune Now to convey some things. This is a large download asphotonic waves from the Great Central Sun, the One Creator, permeate your atmosphere.If you could see these waves with the physical eyes they would appear as spirals of lightfilled with many tiny octahedrons…diamonds. None of humanity is untouched by thesewaves and your vibrational level will affect how they are received into the physical. It isalways easier if there is less resistance of the 3 rd dimensional mind and ego. These wavesof spirals filled with crystalline light are expansion waves…they are essentially changingyour DNA. If there is odd stiffness or pain and I use the word “odd” as in there is noinjury or physical dis-ease reason you may surmise that on an unconscious level there is“some” resistance. Sit and be Still. Breathe deeply and intend as a lightbeing ofmagnificence that you intend to accept this and All downloads of Divine light with easeand grace, without resistance or extreme symptoms. Imagine yourselves expanding withbeautiful golden white light as these Divine waves enter the crown and filter in with easefrom the 12 th chakra. Allow the waves to move down your column to your base chakraand expand outward your light into your expanded self. Accept this with ease and grace-surrender to the love and light all around you and within you. This Divine light movesfrom your base chakra into your earth star chakra and into Gaia your beloved AngelMother. In this there is ease and correctness, this is the return of your true self and ofGaia’s true self. ““If you continue to say this is all very hard, it is very difficult to be awakened, to beexpanding, then you will surely create is as “hard”. It would be wise to change this belieffor yourselves. On this planet you have brought your joy for the new era long awaited for.Yet, if you believe it to be hard, it will be true for you. You have awakened Dear Ones.The end of suffering, which you know as Separation is upon you. When your vibrationlowers, then self-responsibility is called for. So your winter has come early and you havefallen into grayness? Then take up snowboarding and get outside in your warm coat andrevel in the fresh air and the beauty all around you. So the politicians argue and speak ofdarkness? I am them, they are you and those that remain in darkness of Spirit also knownas Separation are angry and afraid. Send them your love, my love and change thechannel. Call the talk show host and speak to the listeners of cooperation, of workingtogether as the brilliant beings you are to solve the problems you are facing. BE the voiceof compromise, of compassion for all, of solutions.”“Even amongst awakened, higher vibrational Beings there is dissension and somedisagreement. Do not judge another lest you would judge yourself. Each of you, eachincarnate Being of humanity has their own unique soul evolution. Not one of humanity isin the same place of growth. Find the curious child within you and find interest in theother’s unique point of view. They have taken a different path to where they are and sohave you. Watch the Ego as it wants to be Right. Embrace each other and that which eachBeing has to offer. They are not wrong and you are not right-you are each coming fromdifferent soul jouneys and perspectives. To find interest and appreciation in each other’sjourney to awakening is a large step toward unity consciousness upon your planet. Evenin the higher dimensions there are different perspectives and ideas arising from theHigher Mind and Heart yet we embrace each Being and their perspective withunconditional love and the greatest of respect.”“As these waves of diamond crystalline light expand your lightbodies and restoredormant DNA, many will be remembering and embodying more of their acquired soulabilities. It is a joyful time as you remember your gifts and passions and begin to sharethem with one another. Once again, intend to accept these Divine waves with ease, beconscious if you are creating the belief that it is “hard” as you are powerful creators andif you feed this belief you will surely create it. You did not come here at this time tocreate more “hard” unless you choose to. You are expanding and changing humanityfrom the inside out. We stand beside you and surround you with our love. I Am the GreatDivine Mother as are You. Remember to live your Joy, you are here to have joy and liveyour passion.”

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