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The 9 th Dimensional Arcturians from the Athena Lightship- How Are You Loving Yourselves? How Are Yo

My consciousness merkaba activated and I immediately found myself looking at Jupiter.

My Arcturian multidimensional aspect was right beside me in that same moment so I

knew ther would be a message but I wanted to take in the amazing sight of this giant

colorful planet with swirling gases. We were outside the Athena lightship but I remained

mesmerized by the beautiful being of Jupiter. Within a couple seconds the Arcturian

group that I know and love was all around me. I suppose it didn’t matter where they

imparted their message and apparently were being very patient with my distraction. As I

turned my attention to the sparkling white, golden Arcturian beings they began,

“Dear Ones, Beloved Family, as the 9 th Dimensional Arcturian Collective we will begin

with an analogy. We will begin with the lotus flower. There is a famed ‘thousand petal

lotus’ and this is analogous as the petals that stem off the center of each flower represent

the aspects of your multidimensional being. The center the flower which may be seen as a

pearl is You. Each petal of this flower that stems off of You can be a representation of

each multidimensional, parallel, and different timeline experiences that the totality of

You, which is Immense is having simultaneously. Each of those experiences may feel or

appear to be linear in your mind, yet they are truly not linear. Each petal of You is

experiencing what they have chosen in the Now as time and space are constructs,

impeccable holograms in which limitless experiences may be had by You, each of you so

that you may know yourself so much more intimately and profoundly. Yet Now you have

chosen, certainly if you are reading this, the 3 rd dimensional hologram.”

“Although you are the thousand petaled lotus depending upon your desire and original

blueprint you have your consciousness Now focused on a very small fractal of the

entirety that is You. Here in the 3 rd dimensional hologram construct in which you have

chosen to be is the realm of forgetfulness. This is why we choose in love to remind you

of Your enormity of Being as you have chosen the timeline in which you will come to

Remember that you are not a one petaled lotus. You have numerous, numerous petals all

having a divine experience. And so we focus on your Earth experience. Now we focus on

this One petal. Yet All petals are attached, all the thousands of petals are attached to your

pearl in the center. We would remind you that this Pearl is within You as is

everything.”(As they spoke of this, A multitude of infinity symbols swirled around me, in

and out of the center of my being is where they crossed)

“We do hear you and we do listen as of course we are here in service to you at this time.

The hologram of your 3 rd dimensional experience is dense and thus although you

conceptually understand that you have a Center within yourself, you are all moving into a

state of consciousness upon Gaia, your beloved archangelic Being holding this hologram

in density for you to have this experience. As we listen we do hear you ask, How do I

find my Center? How do I stay in my Center? Many of you are becoming aware of the

Sun and in our analogy, the pearl within You. The Great Central Sun growing within

your solar plexus, the Mother/father God within you. Yes, you may experiment with

meditation yet this is only one way to the center of your being. There are many ways as

each of you is a completely unique lotus flower. This pearl within or sun within Is your

center. It has always been there, you have merely forgotten.”

“The One Creator is within You, as You. You have never been alone. Your pearl within

is divine Love. And we would ask you this-How are You loving Yourself? Today, sit

with Yourself and write down, How you have loved yourself today? Start from your

waking moment and write down every way you have loved yourself. The 3 rd dimensional

mind will likely begin to reverse this question and begin to think about the ways you have

Not loved yourself during this day. We ask that you simply have the awareness of the

mind being unloving and perhaps judgmental and then just love that idea and awareness.

Return to the original question. How have You loved Yourself today? As you begin to

master your mind and perhaps utilize this exercise you will find your mind begin to find

more ways to Love Yourself during each day. As you focus your extraordinary energy

upon your Center which is Love and focus on loving yourself (and also releasing and

loving any negative thoughts or judgment about yourself) you are beginning the journey

to BEING LOVE. In fact, you already Are love, you have just forgotten in this 3 rd

dimensional experience. Perhaps it will resonate with you to journal this question and to

allow your mind and heart to expand more into it each day. Your pearl within you will

expand as well. It may be beneficial to add to this loving exercise the question to

yourself, How Am I being Love? You are the joyful expression of the One and you are

shifting into the magnificence of unlimited creativity, unity in love and the remembrance

that you have always been and will always Be connected and inseparable from the One

Creator. It is already the Now and in service and love we remind you that you Are

ascended beings. It is Time to remember. We have enjoyed this communication, Dear

Ones and we are always with you.”

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