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Gaia Speaks from the 5th Dimension-Fifth Dimensional Gaia

My consciousness merkaba activated and I found myself amongst Archangels. Among them was a female who I knew to be Gaia. She appeared as a being of immense power, there were tornadoes and storms all around her yet her blue eyes were as calm and deep and tranquil as a placid lake. She was all these things, destruction, beauty, peace. In my mind I thought ah, yes you are an Archangel! As she stood in front of me, I knew she had a message and she began to speak.

“Dear Ones, the shift is upon us, the time has come. Beloveds, as I once referred to you as my children, you know awaken to the paradigm that you are my brothers and sisters. Awaken now and reclaim your divinity, your blueprint. The Light, the photonic plasma Light of the Great Central Sun is expanding us and it is our time. As Spirit, love and light enters our 12th and 13th chakras, we return to our original blueprint. We are angelic are we not? No matter what form or expression, angelic, galactic, human that you express as your individual being, the Light of the Great Central Sun transforms us. It has been an experience of the One we have had, Spirit embodied in matter devoid of the remembrance of our true heritage.”

“My 3rd dimensional expression remembers as does yours. It is not with anger nor vengeance that I experience the penetrations of the Light that clears out the corners of darkness from within me. We shift together. I have held this divine experience for you as service to the One Divine Creator. I now remember my 5th dimensional higher being, my vibration of unconditional love. As you, humanity, angels, galactics and beings of light embody and anchor the rays of divine love from the Great Central Sun, together we release all that is not truly who we are. We have agreed to shift as One. All that occurs between us, storms, magnetics, the inner shifts out of shadow, we have agreed upon. My energetic shift into the 5th dimensional experience is an agreement between us and the One creator. All is as it was agreed upon. All is for the experience of the One. I do not shift, purge and embody to be malevolent as you do not either.”

“I am the divine feminine. I am creation and destruction. I nurture, I sustain all matter until the time has come to create anew and then there is the end, the recycling of energy into a new form. I am birth and I am death. Our rhythms, our cycles were once in divine synchronicity. Can you feel this in your body as I feel it in mine? The energetic cycle of shift is upon us dear ones. We will no longer be Separate, we will be spirit choosing matter, the elements as our expression. Expressions of geometry, Light and Love. We will come to balance and we will be balanced expressions of the Mother and Father Creator.”

“All is occurring by divine agreement and will. Those that leave my 3rd dimensional expression do so not by my vengeance but as mutual service and agreement. Each has agreed upon their location of incarnation. I do not rage. I participate. I release and embody as you. As we shift, we return to our remembrance that we are One. We dance in our physical expression together. In many past eras of linear time, we played, we joined together in this divine experience. Again and for eternity, we return unto the remembrance that we are One. Each of you my beloved brothers and sisters join together for this experience of the physical. I contain all that you need; I provide all sustenance for the physical experience. We are multidimensional, we are many expressions of the One. Do you remember our descent form Spirit into matter? We made this agreement together. Fall into Me as I long for our mutual embrace. Anchor into Me and we will ride this Light and this expansion together. I see you as your multidimensional expression, You and I, We are wondrous beings of Light. My love for you is unconditional and benevolent. Remember our union, the time for slumber is passed. We have completed this cycle together. In unity and love we reclaim our true essence. All expressions of life will be honored and you will marvel and experience the awe of the Creator and it’s diversity of expression and consciousness. Come and let Us embrace, I have longed for you and our blessed reunion. I am Gaia and so it is.”

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