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Archangel Michael Speaks from the Athena Lightship- The Legion of Blue In Service to the One Creator

My consciousness merkaba spun and I found myself boarding the Athena lightship. My Pleiadian aspect Astaria met me at the boarding area and we passed through the multidimensional doorway. As we walked down the hall, she indicated for me to enter a room. What seemed like thousands of higher selves had arrived before me as the room was entirely filled. This room had an amphitheater feel and I took a place near the top where I could see below and all around me. Archangel Michael appeared on the platform at the bottom of the amphitheater surrounded by all of us in attendance. He began to speak almost immediately upon his arrival.

“My brothers and sister of humanity, I call to the Legion of Blue, My Legion, Our Legion, Our Legion that for many eons in this universe has brought unconditional love and the violet fire of transmutation to the dark spaces of conflict and despair. Indeed we have served throughout this universe. I ask you to Now remember Your initiation into the Legion of Blue. Those of my Legion know this in their hearts and their higher selves confirm that this is true. There are millions of my Legion incarnated upon your very planet.”

“Multitudes of humans are awakening Now upon your planet and remembering their many lives and their many aspects of Self. The seeds within them are sprouting and slowly reaching toward the Light of the Divine. You, beloved Ones have chosen the elevated path of an ascended planet. You have been the wayshowers and just in your very being upon the planet and for many your remembering of the Light within allows others to awaken. You have great power in your love and light and multidimensionality.”

“Legion of Blue, You were initiated as your Angelic or your Galactic selves. In your consciousness on your planet this may seem like your Past yet time is circular and I speak of the Now. Allow yourself to remember your initiation to bring yourself and your sword of Light into all places of fear and darkness. Your sword is a part of you-it is the inner symbol of unconditional love, the blue flame of the Mother’s love and the violet fire of transmutation of all forms of darkness and illusion.”

“Upon your planet my sword has been associated with a vengeful, judgmental and angry God. This is Not so. My sword and your sword, those of the Legion of Blue carry a sword of magnificent, blinding Light. The unconditional love, the immense power of that love, softens the hardest heart and brings to tears those lost in darkness, those lost in the illusion of separation, those that have wandered far from the Truth of who they are. Your Angelic or Galactic self took an oath to wield the sword of my Legion in service to the One Creator, in alignment with Divine Will.”

“As you remember that you are of the Blue Legion of Michael, I ask you to remember Your Sword. It is of great love and aid to the planet at this time and to all of humanity. You are not helpless in the face of suffering and oppression that you see upon your planet. We are One in service to the Light. You are never alone or forsaken and I will stand with you until all have remembered the Divine within themselves. You will one day be the planet that you have all imagined and created and beyond even these imaginings. Those that wield my sword and I remind you that there are millions, may use their sword as it has always been used…to bring unconditional love into the darkness, blinding light to the places where there is malevolence, hatred, greed, fear and violence. Bring yourself there in a manner of sacredness, with the intention of healing and illumination and call upon me, your brother Michael. I Will stand behind you with my sword. Then call upon your Legion, your brothers and sisters of the Blue Legion of Archangel Michael. Together we will stand with our swords and we will bring the magnificence of the Divine unconditional love to that place. We will bring the blinding light, the all-encompassing light upon this place that you have chosen in sacredness. We will bring the radiance and resounding vibration inherent in our swords. Remember this, warriors of the Light, your swords wield the unconditional love of the One Creator, of the Divine mother’s love, the love that heals all wounds and illuminates all darkness. And So It Is. I am your loving brother Michael.”

With that, the higher selves, galactic selves of those with me in the room all held up their enormous swords of Light and leaned forward, pointing the tips inward at an angle to all meet in the center. The bending at the waist with stable lower bodies formed an octahedron of blue light that began to expand, upper bodies and sword forming the top pyramid and lower halves of forms creating the bottom triangle. As the blue light of the swords expanded, so did the octahedron. We all became a huge blue flame octahedron. It was a glorious and wondrous sight. May you wield your sword in sacred service.

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