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Sananda Speaks From the Athena Lightship-Incremental Shifts

My merkaba activated and I found myself arriving on the Athena lightship, my multidimensional home. I immediately entered a room filled with Light and Sananda was waiting. He began to speak immediately.

My beloved brothers and sisters, I am so pleased to speak with you. On this side of the veil there is indeed much activity-adjustments and counterplans. We are holding the balance of the Light on this side of the veil as you are holding the Light on yours. The dark shall never outweigh the light again upon the beautiful blue planet. You have chosen this in this Now. There is much excitement and joy in this momentous shift. As we speak of the shift, what you have termed the event, we shall speak of incremental shifts as these are ongoing as the changes to your various bodies especially the physical must happen with great care and planning. The Timeline that exists in this Now has the divine photonic light increasing in increments as the geometry of the physical matter you experience shifts into greater Light. It is a delicate, ongoing shift and it is appropriate that your multidimensional DNA and your geometry of physical matter come online in a gradual incremental manner. This is most appropriate for your well being.

There is of course a level of vibration that the divine photonic light will reach that will be felt by all beings as you will then as chosen by your higher self move into a higher dimensional state in which you will permanently reside. This is a natural part of the flow into the state of harmony, joy and balance of the New Earth. It is all quite beautiful and natural as it occurs although there will be those that may not be prepared for such a shift as they are putting forth great resistance. Those beings that choose to resist of course it is part of their plan and all are taken care of by the Divine Mother. It is acknowledged that you, the awakened ones have been the forerunners and that you have held the Light and the vision of New Earth for some time. It is the lower mind, not the Higher mind that causes you impatience and at moments despair. This is due to the coming online of the Higher mind and Higher heart. This is coming online in the increased light and lessening of density. You can intuitively feel the New Earth and you can envision it within your Higher mind and heart. Then the lower mind engages and you forget that time is an illusion and is in fact falling away as are all the illusions of 3rd dimensional experience.

The lower mind if given too much attention may convince you that Time is real, that you are not an eternal being and that New Earth may never arrive. Within the multitudes of divine beings amongst humanity, beautiful angels that you are, there is a small handful of beings that would have you believe that and would project that into your reality. As you awaken and you continually return to your Center, to your high heart, the small handful that would control humanity’s consciousness quickly lose all agreement from you all to participate in the Old Energy, in the old illusions. When fear, doubt and disbelief regarding your magnificence fall away, you are free and return to your sovereign being which is entirely light and love. In this, all anger and hatred turns to compassion. Always return to your Center, to that balance and peace within. Call upon me, your family of light, your higher self, your galactic selves and family to assist. I am here as are they…Always. As you call upon us you create us within your reality. I Am That I Am As You are. We are One. Your loving brother, Sananda.

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