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Divine Mother Mary from the Great Central Sun- Be Gentle With Yourselves

My merkaba activated and I found myself within the Great Central Sun greeted by Divine Mother Mary. She began her message.

“My beloved angels, I speak to you as an aspect of the Great Mother, the Divine Goddess and Divine Feminine. As many will recall, the chaotic node sent out by the great Goddess Gaia in need of assistance went out through the higher dimensional realms. This call as well as the call of assistance from humanity stirred the longings of so many of you to serve the One. As it was time and the Great Cycle was to commence, many of you came with great love and fortitude and with great excitement to participate in and witness the shift of the consciousness of Gaia. In the great wisdom of your higher multidimensional selves you understood that the grand experience was now coming to its conclusion. As one with your greater essences and with the knowledge and memory of your planetary, galactic and universal selves you agreed to Remember the Divine Plan once you incarnated upon Gaia. The Divine Plan to assist Gaia as well as yourselves into a new realm of experience.”

“The Great Mother and all her forces of love, those in service from the other side of the veil have assisted with fervor and the effort has been immense yet could still not be accomplished without you, beautiful angels. The rays of the Divine Mother have become increasingly higher in dimensional frequency and you may remember that your Higher Selves agreed it was time and accepted the dormant codes of the 12 DNA blueprint within you. Just as your awakening did not occur overnight, nor could your physical bodies withstand the highest of dimensional frequencies of light and love. This is an ongoing, planned process. There are many buffers to these higher dimensional frequencies of light so that you may shift physically with the gentleness that I ask you to always offer yourselves. The rays of divine love and light are shifting you and those that are awakened and aligned with the higher dimensional frequencies are anchoring such levels of light and such loving and expansive frequencies that I would remind you of the great necessity of gentleness to your physical bodies. It is of the divine feminine to nurture yourselves and to honor your physical bodies. I ask you to honor the changes that the ever-increasing vibrations bring to the physical as all is shifting and expanding. Breathe in the air, relax, slow down, simplify life, listen to what your bodies are asking for whether it be exercise, change in diet or sleep. As beautiful angels of the Great Mother you are the creators of your world.”

“The divine feminine is the creator and destroyer. In this is perfection and balance. What once was will no longer be. What no longer serves the One will no longer be. You are the creators of the new. The Divine Goddess returns. In this is creation in alignment with the Heart of the Divine, from the Heart of the Divine arises all action and manifestation. Create from the Divine heart one and all in alignment with the love and grace of the Divine Mother. Be gentle and loving with yourselves and all others. As the vibrational frequencies of light from the Great Central Sun intensify and arrive through the portal of your Sun, there will be glorious bursts of the golden, platinum white rainbow ray. The spring equinox brings new waves of the Mother’s love. Some will ride the waves of bliss and ever-expansive states of the divine self. This is the first experience of remembered No Time upon Gaia as the first rays of the high vibrational frequencies arrive and adjust within Gaia and yourselves. The intensity of the mixed ray of the Mother’s love may bring those prepared, the awakened ones, waves of love and unity whereas others that linger in the darkness of separation from the Mother may experience these bursts as emotional and mental confusion and these bursts of rays may bring a level of chaos to their unprepared states of being. Bring them the balm of your mercy and understanding as All return to the One, all are called Home by the Great Mother.”

“To some the effects of these bursts of rays will seem as a dream as they have a moment of No Time, to others a lucid dream and to some a transcendental experience. As the new rays create a burst of No Time effect, the experience will be as varied as all the beautiful variations of the soul. Each experience will be perfect. Yet there is an adjustment time to all increased vibrations and in this knowledge I ask you to be gentle with yourselves. Honor the Goddess and the divine feminine within.”

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