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The Arcturians From The Athena Lightship- The Superheroes of Light

My merkaba activated and I found myself on the Athena Lightship. I immediately found myself transported to a white chair in a room where I could only see lights of various colors pulsing all around me. The chair felt like a huge body conforming marshmallow. My energy had been low and I felt a wonderful feeling of love that was utterly comforting. The Arcturians appeared in their forms of glowing light in a row in front of me. “What is happening exactly right now?” I asked them. “We are returning you to your vibrational resonance.” They replied. “Are you remembering to be aware and conscious of your energy level?” They asked. “Often I do forget and I become drained.” I replied. I know I have not mastered the lesson of balance with my energy and I was completely aware that they knew this too. “Is it not Yours to remember when your energy is being drained? Ask and We come yet this is for you to learn.” They said. “I am aware, yes.” I replied, although this has been a lifelong challenge to simply set energetic boundaries for myself.

“We have a message and you may receive it from here.” They began. “Yes, thankyou, I would be grateful for that.” I replied. “We will begin then. There is much focus on the negative hydra and by this we mean the negative forces upon the planet. We would like to shift your focus to the notion that you are all indeed superheroes. Do not give the darkness, the hydra much attention. In this attention you focus not on your superhero abilities and potentials but on that which you perceive as the problem. Stay in the solutions and not the problems. The ancient dark energies of the hydra that extends out through the electromagnetic waves that span the multiverse are being transformed to Light. The solutions can energize you as you become the superheroes of your planet Gaia. We view you all as superheroes, and you may choose from many superheroes on your planet to emulate yet we would remind that there is no foe, no enemy to fight. We would have you imagine your superpowers being utilized to assist humanity and your beloved planet. What kind of superhero would you enjoy Being? What would your superpowers Be? We would ask you to have fun with this and lighten up as often we observe the seriousness and lack of joy that some of our ground crew are prone to taking up.”

“All is One and as you remember and become the superheroes of Light that you already are, have some fun…so much seriousness. Use your superpowers to heal Gaia and there are so many superheroes needed to do this. What would you, personally start with? There are many facets to begin with and whichever you find joy and passion in is the place to begin. As you transform into you own superhero and you realize your superpowers of conscious creating, you become the superheroes of mercy, compassion and love. As You all transform and have been transforming, you will heal beloved Gaia and all the mercy and compassion for humanity and the planet will negate the tentacles of the ancient, dark hydra that extend to other worlds in the multiverse. You are all doing much more than transforming your own planet. Your superpowers are pulsing light throughout the grids in the multiverse. All of the One is connected”

“What is my mission we continue to hear from our brave awakened ones? We would ask, What do you love? What gives you joy and passion? Is it healing others? Is it loving and healing the Oceans, animals, children? Focus on the solutions and use your superpowers to support and join the solutions. Images are projected to you in all forms that manipulate your feelings and thoughts. These projected images create lower vibrational energies within you and you forget to remember your inner superpowers of love, mercy and compassion for All. Sadness, hopelessness, fear and despair are within these images projected to you from those that still choose darkness. As you awaken, you will remember there is no fight, no villain that is outside of you. If we rewind the movie reel, you will find that the villain and hero are You. You have played the roles upon Gaia and many of you elsewhere as well and most of you are quite done. You are the ancient ones and the ones that continue to choose darkness will in their own Now return to the One in their own divine timing. You, dear ones, seek the joy, the inner fulfillment, the peace within the self, within one’s own divine Mind and Heart. We are you and You are Us ancient galactic travelers. We love you dearly and We are assisting always in this Now. Be your own Superheroes!”

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