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Sananda Speaks from the Athena Lightship- Let Us Sit in the Stillness and Love Together

My merkaba activated and I found myself boarding the Athena lightship. I followed the higher selves of the others down the corridor into a large white meeting room that had a center area with the outside circular area seemingly graduating upward similar to a stadium. All could be seen in this positioning. The room itself often expands to accommodate all that enter it. The Lightship is alive and organic. I gravitated toward an area to the front and joined the other various angelic aspects that had arrived in this Now. Sananda stood in the middle area below us and began to speak to the higher selves of the humans in attendance.

“My beautiful angels of Light, galactic time travelers, each and every member of humanity I honor you. I honor the awakenings of each lightworker that has awakened to their divinity, whether it was during the Harmonic Convergence, the gateway of 2012 and also each beautiful soul that awakens in the Now of their perfect timing. I honor you. I have watched each of your beautiful awakenings and your processes of clearing away the dark shadows and dark corners within your hearts, making room for the Light to shine. I have watched you clear the conditioning, the old thought programs, the old fears, the past memories of lives, the shadow self and therefore I stand in great honor and love for each of you, my beloved family. I have seen your bravery, your tears and your determination to embody your Light, the true angels that you are.”

“In your remembering, the reconnection to your eternal Light for some will be with their fifth dimensional self, for some their galactic selves, for some angelic and others their I AM. There is no right or wrong and I remind you that the connection is unique unto each of you as each of you are valuable and glorious flames of the One Light, of the One Love. There is no right or wrong way for each to Remember themselves and the expanded state. Each way is the perfect way.”

“Outwardly it may appear as if all is in chaos and disorder, in the world around you and even in some of your own worlds. Appearances are deceiving, are they not? All is the unfoldment of the great Divine Plan in which there is order and beauty. Turn you attention inward beloveds and rest in the stillness, the almighty peace, the Void within. Come and be still. Lay all outward chaos aside, set the struggles aside and come to the stillness of the Divine Mother. Within is your Core, your crystalline diamond of Christed Light that is yours, it is Ours, it is Within. Come and let’s sit together with your higher self, your soul and rest in the Love and Light. Expand your diamond, your eight sided crystalline diamond from within you. From the heart of your 3rd eye envision the top of your diamond and expand it as large as you feel comfortable. From your high heart expand the middle of your diamond and ignite your Triflame. From the heart of your solar plexus, your divine Sun, expand the bottom of your crystalline diamond. Expand it outward and sit within it with me, your loving brother. From your Christ Light chakra, pull the golden diamond light down through all of your physical chakras and ground your Light into the crystalline Core of Gaia. Feel your column of golden crystalline Christ Light run from the Core of Gaia back up to your golden Christ chakra. Allow it to flow through you upwards and downwards in an easy flow as it should and then sit with me within your Core, within your diamond of Light and Love. Allow me to comfort you with my robes of Light as I gently drape them over your shoulders. Let us sit in the stillness, in the Love together. Allow all else to fall away. You have done well beloveds, let us sit in the silence and the peace of Light and Love. Brave ones you are always worthy, allow yourself this rest from all that presents as outward manifestation. Let us sit together and Remember. I am your loving brother Sananda.”

As He finished his communication He began to rapidly expand into an enormous eagle of Light and as He did so, Divine Mother Mary appeared next to Him and expanded into an enormous Phoenix of Light. In sync with the rapidly rising energy, all the higher selves around me began to expand into enormous winged beings of Light, Golden Dragons, Eagles, Phoenixes, Angels of all orders and the Light grew so bright and expanded so enormously that I found myself outside the Athena looking backwards at the huge ball of golden light that was shining within and without the Athena with the expanded winged beings of all orders. It was a sight of magnificence. Perhaps you Remember.

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