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Ashtar Speaks from A Federation Lightship-All is Duly on Course

My merkaba activated and I found myself following my Pleiadian self, Astaria onto the boarding area of a lightship. It did not feel entirely familiar although the boarding areas all seem to look somewhat similar to me as there is a waiting area to the left that always has the astral bodies sitting inanimate of those that have come for various reasons. Often there are many types of beings, not only human but this ship had a different feel. As I followed Astaria, I saw Ashtar ahead behind the plasma doorway. This doorway of multidimensional ships allows for access to different multidimensional vibrations and activities that occur within these frequencies. We entered a room on the right, and I merged with Astaria. We sat in an available seat around a circular table where many other beings sat with their hands placed on the table top. The top of the table seemed to be flowing with different colored plasma light. Ashtar stood in the middle and began to speak telepathically.

“Commanders of the esteemed federation, I am Ashtar, One Who Serves and I address you in this Now as many updates and shifts in the current timeline become evident. There is the anomaly and that of which I speak is the vibrational collective of humanity and the concurrent shift in the timelines that the current level of empowerment of those boots on the ground of the federation and the warriors of light. Events moved faster than we had anticipated and adjustments are made to accommodate all shifts. The disclosures forthcoming have the potential to stabilize the current timeline as the collective of humanity has the potential to experience a chaotic vibration of unrest and disillusionment in the paradigms that the disclosures may procure. These disclosures may cause a ripple of disillusionment that may once again cause a trajectory of the timeline to stay on course rather than shift rapidly due to the magnitude of the great awakening upon the planet.”

“Dear Commanders, the stabilizing energies of our fleets, the stabilizing energies sent form our lightships in Unity with efforts on the ground, have tipped the balance in favor of the Light and increased the light quotient upon the planet. In this no time in which we find ourselves, all is duly on course as decreed by the light of the One. Many arrive from various dimensional realms to observe, to witness the United work of those awakened, our grounded brethren, and the United efforts of our galactic fleets of Light. The synchronous movement of our mutual endeavors and those of the planet and humanity have proved invaluable as had been foreseen. The higher selves, the higher galactic selves and families are now able to reach and contact in all means appropriate their human counterparts their selves and their galactic families. More of the awakened grounded ones join us each day. Our connection to the grounded ones grows and is enhanced in each of you Commanders and our fleet as well as our grounded boots are applauded in this great United effort. We have dismantled the matrix of illusion, the false ideology and beliefs that have long controlled may Now be seen as that, false. The constructs of the false matrix dissolve. Much has been accomplished, much has been gained, and for our grounded ones this is felt to be delayed yet All is in it’s perfect time in the No Time as decreed by the One, the Great Central Source. We celebrate in joy the accomplishments, the victory of the light and the sovereign right to freedom, love and peace that will be upon this planet. We know this is assured, we know that victory is ours.”

“Yet on a global scale, the perceived wrongs perpetrated against the planet and her inhabitants will become evident and in this perhaps feelings of loss and grief initially will occur particularly for the grounded ones not yet awakened as the belief constructs for many still unaware may be shaken to their inner core so that their hearts and minds may awaken and align once again with the Light. Fear not, we will remind them, that which presents as chaotic and fearful is but a play, an old program of the false matrix that is crumbling all around our grounded ones. The tunnels, the portals of light shine through the matrix and are now opened. Those with hearts and minds that desire to See will see within themselves and what appears to be without, our Lightships of beautiful colors as well as emanations of themselves, their galactic, selves, their guides in spirit. Much comes into view for those that choose to See due to our united efforts, Commanders of the Federation, our fleets as well as the boots on the ground. As our grounded ones upon the planet that are awakened witness the chaos we will reassure that there is nothing to fear, victory is ours. Many of those that chose darkness now choose the Light. All sentient beings upon the planet may now feel the vibrations of love, light and unity, of safety, prosperity and freedom. There is joy in this empowerment and it will spread across the planet as we continue to join together as one unified field in Unity consciousness and unconditional love.”

“There will be no catastrophic war, nor will there be any hostile alien invasion upon the planet. The choice of darkness, the desire for power over others as well as excessive ego attachment may cause some to greatly resist the shift that has begun. Commanders, we ask our fleets to continue to emanate the love and light from our lightships, from ourselves as we unite in the divine heartspace with our brothers and sisters on the ground. Humanity, our grounded ones will align their hearts and minds to the Will and the Love of the One Great Central Source. Celebrate the opportunities that now arise for this greater unification and connection with our brothers and sisters of the Light on the planet. We move forward and hold great light for them amidst the chaos that those who continue to resist the Light put forth. It is of no consequence as we know and understand that victory IS ultimately ours. Go forth Commanders as we move forward and remain steadfast in our mission and our duty to be of service to this great planet and all who dwell upon it. Godspeed to you all.”

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