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Divine Mother Isis Speaks from the Athena Lightship- Release Your Fear

My merkaba activated and I found myself in a room aboard the Athena lightship with my Pleiadian aspects Astaria and Astar. The room was entirely white and lit all around with a white glow. There was a table in the middle of the room, which upon the top surface seemed to be made of iridescent plasma. Isis was already in the room and she projected a hologram of planet Earth into the air in front of us. She had told me she wanted to speak of fear and then sacred union, but she really talks A lot so by the end I asked if I could get the part on sacred union later. She assured me that I could get it all because it’s really a telepathic download but I did not feel as confident as She. With the hologram of Gaia in the air in front of us slowly rotating she began to speak.

“Brothers and sisters, beautiful beings of light from the beloved consciousness of Mother Gaia I would speak to you in this moment of Fear. Galactic and universal wanderers, you have come from the stars and the realms of light into this illusion. You are the eternal flames, the embers that burn bright with your rainbow colors through all realms and dimensions. I witness your glorious light that you all Are. You are eternal beings of the One Source, manifest through the Divine Mother, beautiful winged beings, One indeed with the Creator Source. You have No beginning and No end for you are eternal. Time is a creation of your realm, of the dimensional experience you have chosen with great strength and fortitude.”

“Your true realm where you exist eternally is that of a Circle, a great perfect circle of Light. In the embodiment of the human is the wanderer soul energy that is your signature, warriors of the light embodied in forgetfulness to experience and participate in the Divine, Grand plan of expansion. As you awaken, you find your wanderer tribes and you unite and expand and support each other in the expansion of your rainbow lights.” The hologram of Gaia slowly rotated as thousands of lines of rainbow light reached out into the dimensions around Her. “There are even those embodied as humans from the realms of Light, those brave souls that are not wanderers yet have come to join you in this celebration of Light. Should you find them alone and in fear, embrace them in your wanderer soul groups as they awaken to their Light. Fear is a manifestation of this illusion of separation. You forget who you Are. You cannot be killed, you cannot be tarnished, you have No beginning and No end. You Are this circle of light yet in this contradiction, you have simply moved to the outer edge of the circle to experience. You have chosen to be and feel the wonders, the union, the full remembrance of you innate, perfect state of being. The veil is lifting and you return to this remembrance of your divine perfection. The remembrance is at hand and witnessed by all with joy and celebration as the reunion is at hand.”

“I am the divine feminine as are you, the perfect balance within. Fear arises from the creation of duality and the veil of forgetfulness. Release this fear. You fear what has no true power, no truth. Fear is the shadow, it is the shadow within that mirrors fear back to the light within. As you remember and awaken to your true power, the glory and balance of the One that you are, all shadows within come into the light, exposed and no longer able to hide. The dark voice, the dark thoughts that stand in glaring contrast to the ever expanding light and love within presents itself. As you Face your own shadow, as you embrace it, encompass it within the loving embrace of all that You are, it has no more power. Then the darkness and light will be brought into the eternal balance that you have come to create. It is All divine and the experience of duality at the edge of the Great Circle, the Eternal Circle will become integrated into the One Light, into the One Plan with grace and honor for your service. It is the grandest of plans beautiful ones. It is beyond comprehension on this realm and plane of existence. Yet do Not fear as you are eternal perfection and cannot be separated from the One Circle of love that you are. Accept and own and love the shadow as it is to be integrated into the one. Do not hold judgment upon the inner shadows nor the shadows that are reflected to you by others. They are You. The light and the dark are one. I walk among you in love and ask you to release all Fear. I tell you brothers and sisters of the stars, my family star races, there is no death. You have come with your wings, with your family and your wanderer soul groups from universal soulstreams with all that you need. I am the strength and the power of the Divine Mother and until the next moment I share with you, I remind you to remember Your power to release your fears and to embrace, love and integrate the shadow within. I stand with you in the Light Now and Always.”

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