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Archangel Michael Speaks From the Athena Lightship- There Is No Judgment

My merkaba activated and I was immediately on the Athena Lightship in a room with Archangel Michael. He began to speak immediately upon my arrival.

“Brothers and sisters, beautiful angels, each and everyone of you that receives this, I honor you. Your brother Michael, I honor you for stepping forward, for stepping into your courage and for remembering yourselves. I honor you as does all from the Great Central Source from which each of you have lovingly come originally. The winter solstice that is upon us brings waves of intense love and light and I know so many of you are feeling the inner renovations, the reconstruction of all that within that is to be filled, to be replaced with pure Source love and light. Beloved angels, all of Us who support you on the other side of the veil we know You, we know of Your individual missions, of your decisions to come as the explorer creators each one of you truly are.

Last I spoke to you, I spoke of beloved Gaia and your solar system hurtling through the divine cosmos towards the galactic center, the Great Central Source. As it is Your time, beloved angels, to reap and to sow the rewards of your efforts in creating equanimity, peace and inner freedom within yourselves and thus for all that reside upon the planet. Sol, your own Sun, the portal that this great being has chosen to be in service to the great plan brings you the rays of beautiful electromagnetic love that showers upon your planet. Those in our higher dimensional lightships send you beautiful, as do We, the collective of Archangels, rainbow rays of balance and harmony. The rainbows, the aurora borealis, the glorious lights you see in your skies are the balancing energies as We know that the effects of the Divine rays of Source can create that which you may perceive and feel as emotional instability. As if you ride one of your large roller coasters, you may feel the extreme ecstatic highs riding these great bursts of light only to fall ever so quickly into a low drop. The inner aspects of duality are illuminated within you. Observe, recognize and love all of these aspects. Love all of yourselves, even that which you may discern as unlovable. There is No judgment. Observe these feelings and thoughts and do not judge yourselves. Fill your hearts with the love and the rays that may be felt and even heard in the air around you. Breathe this into your hearts and minds and know that whatever requires transmuting within during this intense time of inner housecleaning makes room, makes space for more light. Each letting go of that which does not serve you creates more space, more inner peace, more love within until you come to the full remembrance of who you are my brothers and sisters, angels incarnate.

Your courage, your service is witnessed by Us. We remind you lovingly that your Family is here. The Archangel collective, your guides, your personal guardian angels, your galactic selves, We all wait to serve you. Victory is ours brothers and sisters. It is Ours, I assure you. As you have created this Now potential, this timeline, it is assured. Because of all that You have all done, incarnated family, and We know your tears and your struggles and We weep with you. But we do not weep in sorrow, we weep with compassion and immense pride as We see what You have done and what You continue to do. You hold, transmute and anchor the Golden Age upon Gaia. Thank you for your service One and All. I Am That I Am. I Am your loving brother Michael.”

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