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Divine Mother Mary From the Athena Lightship The End of Limitation

In the new energies it has come to my awareness through my higher selves that since You are Me and I am You, I AM THAT I AM that it will be your choice to experience the entire merkaba journey rather than just the message that is presented. Very often, prior to the messages from our Family of Light I had personal questions or experiences yet it had been made known to me that in reality these are part of your journey should you wish to come within your own merkaba of consciousness. Should you not feel you would like to go, simply skip to Divine Mother Mary Speaks. Otherwise, let’s fly!

My merkaba activated and I found myself on the Athena Lightship. I was entering through the boarding area. Astaria, my Pleiadian self was waiting just ahead and I passed through the higher dimensional plasma doorway. This looks like wavy translucent water. As I followed her down the outside corridor that runs along the outside edge of the lightship I began to pass Blue Bird beings that were standing to the ;left of me on the left side of the corridor. As I looked closer, I could see Seraphim higher dimensional selves superimposed over them, golden, white flaming beings with three sets of flaming wings. I had recently heard a brief channeling from an entity in service to humanity and was eager to ask a question that has rumbling around inside myself. I stopped and introduced myself to a Blue Bird Being that felt female. She nodded with a slight, amused smile and replied, “I am Sier-An-Ra and you may ask your question.” I replied, “Thankyou, yes , well I was listening to this group entity in service to humanity and it spoke of the angels, the archangels I suppose it was and said something to the effect that the Archangels are one group consciousness and I felt it was implying that humans cannot be angels. But yet I met my angelic self via Sananda and have a relationship with it.” She replied, “You recognize the Seraphim aspect of me and that aspect of you is One with me. We are also a group consciousness. One with the Creator, never separated.” I asked, “So humans can have various angelic higher dimensional aspects?” She replied, “You ask me a question that you know within yourself to be true. This question you already have the answer to. This is a distortion of the Trust within the self.” I felt this to be true and again felt her loving yet amused energy as if she was trying to pretend to be serious. She suddenly felt very familiar. She reached out and took my hands and looked straight into my eyes. “We are One Emier-ra,” she said. In that Now I had a hazy ancient memory that I could not grasp the totality of in that moment. I turned to Astaria who was waiting and we continued along the corridor passing several myriad lightbeings of different types. I could not focus on them as another question was arising within me. Arcturians were phasing in and out of view as they phased into the vibrational state we were currently in to speak to several of the lightbeings and then phased back out. I wondered what it would be like if I walked through one of them while they phasing in and out. I knew we were at a gathering of the higher dimensional selves of those incarnated in human bodies and those in service to us.

Astaria heard my question and lead me into a doorway on the right where we entered a very dark room. She glowed with Light in her lightbody. In front of us she created a hologram in the air in front of us of a slowly spinning star merkaba. It appeared platinum silver and then began to pulse with all the colors of the rainbow. She spoke, “We could call this the Mind Merkaba as in Unity with the One Mind there is no time or space, only unified thought. As you recall we reactivated yours as it was your joy to bring this freedom within to the remembrance of your brothers and sisters. It was within you of course as that is what you are as it is within all of humanity. You have used this vehicle before upon Earth in an incarnation so we made the necessary energetic adjustments at the right time so it could be once again accessed.” She answered my next thought that I want to fly with my brothers and sisters. “Linear thinking is what this arises from. They are with you Now and you have always travelled together and always will.” I felt suddenly so relieved and was sort of amazed at my own thoughts on this journey. “Yet, there is a heart merkaba too that I have experienced, what of the activation again of this one?” I asked. She answered, “Yes there is and if it were activated also you would energetically vibrate right out of your reality and would no longer be participant in your experience.” She showed me in my mind the final sequence that had been shown to me where I flashed out of the physical many years ago. “So you travel within your higher dimensional consciousness, the vehicle you call the merkaba and we guide you to the experiences and information that are proper and timely in this Now. As you grow and expand and as you do this as One with your brothers and sisters, so does the experiences and information. All in divine time.” I felt this expansion as she spoke and thought of my brothers and sisters of Home within and without the Great Central Sun. With that thought I was there, within the golden, white light of the Great Central Sun. Divine Mother Mary was in front of me and I felt the joy of being in her nurturing, powerful, loving presence. We did not speak yet in my joy my hands began to move in graceful spiraling motions and I created a ball of beautiful light within my hands the size of a bowling ball. I remembered that I could expand it and make it as large as I wanted! “What is it made of?” I asked the great Mother. “Divine healing energy,” she replied. “Who will you give it to?” She asked. A being dearly loved who is in emotional and physical pain came to mind and we appeared on each side of her bed upon Gaia. I expanded the ball as large as I could and gently enveloped her within it. The ball of light began to expand exponentially and we rode the inside edge of it until it expanded throughout Gaia, the solar system, the galaxy and then to the Great Central Sun. Divine Mother Mary indicated to me that she was about to speak and asked if I was ready to bring back her message. My heart was full and I indicated that I was ready. With that we were back on the Athena Lightship and we appeared in a very large room where the higher selves of humanity and those in spirit in service to us were gathered for her message.

Divine Mother Mary speaks, “Beautuful angels, beloved humanity, incarnated galactics, starbeings, lightbeings, multiuniversal travelers, the Great Mother, the One Creator loves and treasures you so much. Today I will speak to you of the end of Limitation. Limitation of all potentiality that you Dear Ones, beautiful angels, the potentiality that you brought with you, inherent in you, the energy of the New, of the Golden age, of the New Earth. This potentiality will not be found outside of you, it will be found inside of you and your beautiful hearts that expand each day. And we watch and honor you as you clear all the dogmas, beliefs, perceptions that have held you in this great illusion of limitation. Such amazing and beautiful work you have done, the light you have held within yourselves. We watch and the Great Mother smiles and beams her radiant love to her beautiful children as we know the love in your hearts, the desire to return now to all that you are. The desire to return to the infinite realm of love, freedom and to once again don your sovereign true radiance. This illusion of limitation has created much challenge and continues to create challenges as you continue the journey, the remembering of the potentiality that lies within. Contained in this potentiality within is your authentic self, stripped of all limitation and conditioning set upon you by the veil that has prevented the remembering and created limitation in this experience. As you awaken dear angels to the potentials that can be created financially, economically, politically, spiritually, and environmentally all old beliefs are now open for review. Yes! To review all in the truth of the oneness and unity with your higher self. From this unified perspective in alignment the one, of the Great Mother, what will you envision? What reality will you create for your New Earth? It is all upon the table, so to speak, as you begin to imagine within a higher vibrational reality that you move, each one of you, in and out of even if it is within your dream state and yet, the dream state can indeed be the reality. As we watch you dear angels, move in and out of this higher reality all potentials become available. You are creating this. As you connect with higher aspects of yourself and there are many higher vibrational aspects desiring to unite in love with you and I, Universal Mother Mary, hold you in Love and Light and I AM here and you will know this is true as your vibration reaches out to me. In that desire, in that unified love is the potential that I speak of. And dear angels, your connection with me is more real than the reality you find yourself in. We are all of the One unified Mother, the One Creator, and as the end of limitation rains like beautiful rainbow light through the ethers upon beautiful Gaia All potentialities become available to you beautiful angels. I hold you in my nurturing, loving, warm embrace. I am the blooming rose within your heart, the divine space within, the tranquility and the safety that you often need and seek. You are never alone, my beautiful angels, I am with you always. And so it is.”

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