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The Arcturians Speak From Arcturus-Your Crystalline Template

My merkaba activated and I found myself entering the boarding area on the Athena lightship, the Arcturian/Pleiadian lightship. My Pleiadian aspect, Astaria was waiting for me and I followed her through the plasma doorway and down the outside corridor towards the control room. As we passed through the control being I felt the many lightbeings in service to the One stop their activities and look at me. This always occurs when I enter the control room so I nodded in a polite greeting. Since nobody speaks actual words but speak telepathically I could hear their curiosity regarding a human in a merkaba walking through the control room. As I continued down the middle of the room towards Astaria’s station I said to them, “this is quite a tight earthsuit that we wear! And what an experience it is…You might want to try it out!” Astaria stopped in front of her navigation/communications panel and to the left of me appeared my Arcturian aspect. He mostly looks like a golden lightbeing although he has shown me a physical form that looks a bluish, violet skinned humanoid with an elongated head and no body hair. He walked into my energy and then we instantaneously stood on a glowing pathway that lit in front of us as we glided down it. I saw the familiar red tree and immediately knew we were on Arcturus. We blended energies and I thought the reason for this was that we were again approaching the crystal complex. As we moved closer to the immense structure I look up at the crystal obelisks looming high into the air above us. “What do these obelisks do?” I asked my Arcturian aspect. He answered, “They transmit information that we pass on to others that require that information.” “Do you mean like broadcasting towers,” I asked. “Yes,” he replied. “Very much like that yet the broadcast is of sound and vibration as One. These are pockets of information that mainly come in symbols. The sound and the vibration are one and not separate as they may seem to you.” “Do you mean like when I heard and felt that chime last time I was here that vibrated us apart?” I asked. “Yes, that would be the symbol of the exit sign without the words but in light language it would be understood as reversing the magnet.” He replied. “What do you mean reversing the magnet,” I asked. “This is a magnetic universe”, he replied…”You create the illusion of separation and distance by reversing the magnet that naturally attracts. To create the illusion of coming towards…you unite the polarities and you are pulled toward a destination. The crystal monoliths here are double terminated and they receive and transmit higher frequencies if light language.” I asked him, “So the bottom part of these crystal monoliths that can’t be observed are is also cut like the top of them?” “Yes”, he replied. “We merge with that light language.”

We glided through the crystal monolith in front of us and entered a very bright circular room. It seemed as if a sun was shining in from the top yet the rest of the room was evenly lighted. We separated our energies and then we sat in white C shaped chairs that seemed to conform perfectly to whatever form we were wearing. He continued to speak with me. “I hear your question, when will this ascension have wondered, Are we there yet?” I nodded in agreement. He replied, “There is no final destination, this is a joyful endeavor in the eternal spiral of no beginning and no end.” He created the holographic image of a “slinky” and he stretched it out. “An aspect of You, (US), is anywhere on this spiral at any given Now but unlike the slinky, there is no beginning or ending point.” Then he compressed the slinky-“We can create an illusion or concept of time and space to experience within and different densities can be created along this spiral where there is a reverse of the magnets (that is You and the Oneness) to the level that you forget that you only need to turn around and open your heart and mind to the One and the magnet is reversed and you are pulled Home.” “There is no rush, only the journey and the experience. As a spark of the One experiencing separation, the reversal of the magnets is ending. There are an infinite number of other experiences yet there is perfection in the Now if you are not in the future asking-When will it happen?” I understood this within me and with that the room filled with the gold light of the 9th dimensional Arcturians.

They began to communicate. “Greetings dear one’s, We are the 9th dimensional Arcturians. Beloved Ones we have a message. We are so pleased to speak with you. It brings us much joy our beautiful family to be able to convey these messages to you all. Our beloved starbrothers and sisters, grounded ones, beautiful ones of humanity, in this Now we shall speak to you of the crystalline energies. The crystalline grid was put in place to be activated in this Now along, long time ago. It was put in place by your star family and yes, We too were also involved in this endeavor. It was to be at this Now that the quantum energies, the multidimensional aspect of You inherent in your DNA would come online and be activated coinciding with the activation of the crystalline grid. This grid connects to many nodes, to many points upon your planet. These nodes acts as magnets and once they are activated they connect the yin and yang, the masculine and feminine and they combine into One complete node forming crystalline patterns connecting the crystals within the inner earth also. This inner earth crystal is also a higher dimensional grid not visible from the 3D, only from a higher dimensional perspective. Dear ones, our explorers, our universal explorers, you carry within you, within your DNA the blueprint, the crystalline template within yourselves. As it is upon the planet it is Within you. Your own higher dimensional crystalline grid lies within the etheric body and on the 3rd dimensional level within your DNA and also on a higher dimensional level within. We bring to you new concepts and thoughts in this Now that you may understand that the crystalline part of you holds much Light, holds Divine Light. This Divine Light assists you all to move into a higher perspective, unity and unconditional love. As you perceive this grid in your etheric body, as you perceive this multidimensional part of you, then the planet, dear Gaia is also able to more quickly and efficiently come online with Her own grid system. A carbon based physical body of lower consciousness has much more of a density than the ethereal crystalline template that you would remember to access. You can imagine this as a beautiful diamond 3 feet above your crown chakra, an octahedron of gold, platinum and also rainbow light spinning slowly and as it spins you breathe in the tiny diamonds of rainbow, platinum, golden crystalline light. You breathe it down through the middle of your torus tube, down through the chakras. Imagine a column of this diamond filled light flowing down through your pranic tube into the core crystal of Gaia filling her beloved crystal with the tiny diamond flow of light and then coming back up through the root chakra filling every cell through your toes, your legs, your torso, up through your heart. Imagine this beautiful spinning flow of diamond light move up to your heart and then enlarge this space. Give yourself a beautiful diamond in your heart of the color that most pleases you and is most perfect in this Now. See the beautiful diamond in your heart as it spins emanating tiny diamonds of light through your arms, shoulders and neck up into your mind, to your 3rd eye, filling your head and all the way back up to the diamond above your crown chakra. Imagine this flow continuing down through the middle of your pranic tube, a continuous flow down to Gaia’s crystal and back up around the outside of your energy field, through all of the DNA and every cell and back up to the diamond of light above your head. Each time you breathe in deeply, the flow of diamond light comes up your energy field and as you breathe slowly out it moves back down your pranic tube in a continuous cycle through your torus field. My beloveds so much is to come, so much is in this Now. We so honor you our beloved grounded explorers and experts, beautiful beings of humanity, We are with you always and we send you Love and we send you Joy. And from the crystal palace or what We call the crystal complex we send you cosmic Love and Light of the One.

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