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The 9th Dimensional Arcturians Speak from Arcturus 11:11 Portal, Into the Now, One with the Divine

My merkaba activated and my Arcturian self appeared before me. He grabbed my hand and we appeared in a familiar surrounding. The planet with the red glow and the reddish trees and we were on the plasma, multicolored flowing path as if it were a stream of light, color and sound. My Arcturian self and I merged and I felt that wonderful connection to the planet as he became more physical. I felt that my Arcturian self was composed of the elements of the planet which is an indescribable experience. We glided down the path as light as a feather and ahead of us I saw a huge crystal structure. That is not the medieval looking tower that was there last, I thought. “It is not, you would have been distracted had you seen this on your last trip so we presented something more acceptable to your 3D mind.” I agreed completely and suspected that was why I was viewing it through his eyes. It was beyond comprehension. It was a huge complex of multifaceted crystal towers. Three huge circles of monumental smooth multifaceted crystals. The outer row lower than the second, the second row lower than the third. The third row, the inner circle was composed of three towering multifaceted crystals, the second circle was composed of six lower crystals and the third row was composed of nine standing crystals. Each row graduated downwards yet as I looked up even the outer lowest row was many hundreds of feet high. “What is this?” I asked within us. “We refer to it as the Crystal Complex.” As we approached the outer row of crystals, the huge obelisk crystal before us appeared to melt or become permeable and we walked through. We entered a room of golden light. I thought to myself how mysterious to walk through a solid crystal that seemed to simply loosen it’s molecules and walk into an unseen room. My Arcturian self replied, “From the mind of the One is created what is needed and that you shall All remember.” I felt him chuckle.

About me in this room stood the 9th dimensional Arcturians. With a great chime of sound, I felt myself vibrate out of my Arcturian self and he melded into the group of Arcturians around me. My multidimensional self merged back into the oneness of a unified consciousness. As One, they began to speak.

“We again Dear Ones are delighted to be speaking to our family of humanity, our beloved ground crew and our fellow allies and lightworkers incarnated upon the beloved planet Gaia in this Now. We move into the 11:11 doorway and this is the doorway that allows an upgrade and elevation of shall we say the increased vibrational frequencies that will open your hearts to the Divine love, power and knowledge that each of you incarnated, galactic experts and even many of humanity may Now access in a manner which we might say were difficult to access in the denser and older energies that were present upon Gaia. We move, beloved ones, dear ones, into a higher vibrational state than has been available before upon Gaia. We, from the multidimensional starships of Light which are diverse and many assist from our perspective to guide our ground crew which we will remind have simply bilocated and when we say bilocated, we mean your galactic higher selves, your future selves, have moved, changed, a small portion of it’s focus since you are limitless creators and have this innate power as you may remember to choose where your focus is and that will become your reality. Thus your higher self focused a small quantum portion of itself into the 3rd dimensional realm, which you are now observing from the 3rd dimensional perspective. However, since you do understand that, you can choose your focus. That is reality in it’s truest form. You can choose to focus from within from the stillpoint within from your inner core. You may focus on any reality in any dimensional aspect that you choose. We are so pleased to be able to speak to you on this 11:11 in this now. Many of our ground crew we will assure you we are supporting you and being of service to humanity and Gaia in so many ways and we bow our heads in gratitude as we watch our beloved ground crew, humanity, our galactic family incarnated as you remember your missions and your service and your expansion as the Divine and Cosmic rays increase upon the planet.

We do hear many ask…What is my mission? Am I doing all that I came her to do? We will answer this question in this manner. How much joy do you find in your daily life? As you move about your 3rd dimensional daily life is it in harmony with your inner self? Your higher self? Your galactic self? Do you move about your 3rd dimensional daily life in joy or do you feel it a burden? Yes we do acknowledge as we have had the 3rd dimensional experience that a dense physical body is indeed a tight earthsuit. We chuckle as we say this as is this not often the complaint of our ground crew we often hear, That things appear to be going so slowly in the Now and this is because you are remembering your 5th dimensional and higher reality. For the focused energy of You in this Now we will say this may be described as growing pains since you are even having such thoughts such as…Why so slow, Why is this taking so long? A thought that implies that you remember that there is a different higher vibrational reality that you will return to and that you have come from previous to this You, now focused in this 3rd dimensional reality. So then, as you go about your daily life, are you fulfilling your mission? We will answer that with, how much joy do you experience? Are you living in the Now? In the Now there is only joy. We will explain that what we observe is that many are not often in the Now. Your minds, your thoughts are focused on the future or they are focused on the past. In the Now we will say for example that you are washing the dishes for your family and thinking how tedious this task may be for you, or doing your laundry or driving in a car with your mate or child to and from a destination and you think about the past and/or the future but if you were holding yourself in the Now, you would find yourself aligned within with your higher dimensional self.

We will say of course you are on track. You are in the perfect place for you. But your focus determines your reality. If you are in the Now, you are centered within your self. There is perfection, there is unconditional love, there is freedom, there is joy in the Now. If your mind moves to the past and the feeling or thoughts are uncomfortable, you may love them, you may use the violet fire of unconditional love to transmute them and then you bring yourself back into the Now. If your thoughts are focused on future worries, you are creating a reality that has not come. If your thoughts are focused on the lack of and you feel that with your beautiful human emotions you will continue to create the “lack of”. So this beautiful interdimensional gateway, this 11:11 portal brings you into the Now where you remember you are One with the heart of the Divine. You are One with your higher selves, you are the vibration of eternal beauty. We so enjoy the opportunity to speak with you our brave, brave explorers. We send you joy so that you may laugh from your hearts a heartfelt laugh and feel the joy of the Now. It is entirely perfect. Until we speak again beloved brave ones, We send our higher dimensional rainbow light and we create for you a rainbow bridge with eternal love and light from Arcturus.”

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