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Archangel Michael Speaks from the Athena Starship- It is Often Darkest Before the Dawn

My merkaba spun and activated and I found myself heading towards the Athena starship, the Pleiadian/Arcturian 5th dimensional lightship. I was being called there. I found myself in a white room of light that is quite familiar to me. Many masters were gathered yet Archangel Michael stood prominently in front of me.

“My brothers and sister, emissaries and tireless servants of the Light, we move toward the Galactic Center now at an explosive speed. Yet, you feel nothing in regards to this in your physical incarnation upon Gaia. Many of our brothers and sisters still slumber as they struggle within the illusion of experience, trapped by the trauma and pain within their hearts and minds of this life and past ones. The Lost Ones as we may call them, those that slumber and have forgotten who they are, as you yourselves, although awakened to the truth within, have no recognition of hurtling through space upon your planet are struggling in their own illusions and some that you refer to as your Cabal…resist the Light of the One that many of you are aware of and even consciously anchor within yourselves. There are many illusions indeed.”

“Now each path to awakening is unique yet you, our ancient star and cosmic travelers have prepared long and arduously for the task at hand, this task of bravery. A great many of you, my cosmic, galactic brothers and sisters, bilocated your future selves into this timeline to be the anchors, wayshowers and stewards of the divine light. Indeed, you may feel and have the awareness that you have done this before on your own planets. As I spoke of previously, you came from the future, so many of you, from your planets and starships of light with your innate knowledge, experience and ability to hold and transmute the Light of the One. When Light illuminates the true self as is occurring as we hurtle at tremendous speed toward what your scientific world call the black hole that is actually the Void, the I Am of the One Creator, your planet home, dear Gaia and all her inhabitants are gradually illuminated by the Light of the Divine. The madness and the mayhem that you may feel and observe throughout humanity is the darkness illuminated by the Light. The Light bares witness to all that is hidden within, all that in the shadows. Those that have chosen on a soul level not to awaken and those that have forgotten their mission and their sovereign divinity flounder in the illusion, that they are victim or perpetrator. The long eras of limitation and of playing the same repetitive earthly roles is ending for those that choose it.”

“Within you, my brothers and sisters, within the divine heart is your compassion, your unconditional love that you may harness in it’s full capacity as sovereign divine beings to forgive the self and all others. The New Earth heralds the end of All limitations. It is this compassion, this unconditional love for the self and others that is the new energy, the end of the old games of tyranny, power and control over others. This was but an experience that comes to an end. However, it is often darkest before the dawn. But as surely as the Sun rises each morning and sets each night, the Light will return with the glorious rays of truth and balance, freedom and love for all. It is assured and let it be your inner reassurance as you rise with the Sun and then revel in the glorious sunset as it appears to disappear. Illusion has been the foundation of 3rd density experience.”

“Within you is your future self, as all lives and experiences are concurrent. You are not alone and never have you ever been. I have always been here also, my brave army of Light, as have my archangel brethren and the allies of the Light. My brothers and sisters, we assist you as you request. Even as many of you chalk up our assistance you ask for as your imaginings, what you feel and hear and experience, we are here and we are always with you. And you have never left you either. You are Within you. Between your sacred hearts and you power center, the solar plexus is your Core. The space between is the Void, the stillness, the powerful embrace and unconditional love of the One. If you can imagine and visualize this space, from your solar plexus to your heart you will find your Core of Light. You can expand this Light until the outlines of the physical fade with the expanded Light within. If you allow this, you will find yourself face to face with You. And that You is your higher self, your galactic self or any other aspect of your divine self that has come to reacquaint and reconnect with you. The New World is upon us and you, brothers and sisters, have and are increasing the Light quotient upon your planet. The expansion from within illuminates all that no longer serves you and makes you a crystal clear conduit for the ever increasing divine Light, Godspeed to you all!”

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