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Sananda and Divine Mother Mary From the Great Central Sun We Sing the Song of Your Souls

My merkaba activated and I arrived before the Great Central Sun. My Seraphim self greeted me outside and we immediately entered. Before me was Sananda and Mother Mary. I greeted them and they created an infinity symbol from rainbow light and indicated that one side of the 8 was for me to sit on which I promptly did and the other side they stood on. Sananda began, “My beloved angels, I wish to speak to you of the Now. From Now, between the fall equinox and the winter solstice is a blessed time. It is the time to go within. It is the season of Fall of which I speak of and the analogy encompassed within it. Here we come to the place of introspection and the Falling away of all that was observed within to be a hindrance to the connection to the spirit within you. It is a time, Fall, of clearing away...the proverbial housecleaning where you now discern what has been shown to hinder you this year. Now beloved angels, you may Fall into yourselves. Such strides we have observed you all make in the clearing away of the shadows within and the remembrance of the Light and Song of your souls. We hear them here, the song of your Souls and we sing them with you all. From this Now to the winter solstice, bolster your Spirits, your True selves. Embrace the method or ritual or state of being that speaks to your Soul, that which brings you joy and sets you upon your wings of light. For some, it is devotion each day at your sacred altars, for some it is the deep meditative state, and for others it is the glorious communion with nature and all it’s wondrous glories. It matters not what the method you devote your time each day to, it only matters that it makes your sacred heart sing with joy. Simplify, be joy and do that which gives you joy. Do that which brings you to the remembrance that you simply Are, you simply need to just Be. Create that sacred daily space for your Spirit. We, your higher selves and your family of light wait for you within. We meet you there within your sacred heart.”

Divine Mother Mary began to speak, “ Blessings my beautiful loves. We speak to you today of the mystery within. The great mystery within yourselves. The trinity of the Divine mother, the Divine Father and You. We are One. It has always been this way as it will always be. The pink flame burns within your heart and it is eternally joined with the blue flame of the Mother and the golden flame of the Father. There is divine union within you. You are whole. You are a divine being of love. You are male, you are female and there is the sacred union that is within you. Within your sacred heart is the Core of All That Is. Within you this union and the triflame in your heart is the higher dimensional self, the lightbody, the lightness of spirit and the bliss of the Oneness that you are. As we move from the fall into the winter solstice, we wait for you within your high heart. We wait for you to remember Home and joyfully await your return. I call to you my beloved ones and the Divine Mother and Father await your return. You are returning home sweet angels and we await you within and together we will sing the song of your Souls.”

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