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Leo The Lyran Speaks From 7th Dimensional Lyra The Universe Is Inside of You

My Merkaba activated and I called in my multidimensional selves. My Arcturian self took my hand and I heard him (us) think…Lyra. We arrived in a Lyran dimensional realm and before me stood a great, tall, regal being in a white lightbody outline with a lion’s head and face although the rest of the body appeared in a humanoid form. It felt like a male and he wore a long white robe. He appeared entirely white in color yet his eyes were a golden copper. I asked for his name as I took in the beautiful energy emanating from him. As I glanced around myself, I found myself transfixed by the environment I was in. It was simply surreal. Everything about me was composed of multicolored layers of dancing light. The landscape, plants and trees or what looked like possible trees were forms of dancing light. I also made out various other forms that seemed to be cats, cats of all kinds and forms that are not found on Earth. Each form had a sound that accompanied it and it was like watching and enjoying a symphony of lovely sound and color.

The Lyran spoke his name but the sound he was conveying to me had no word in English and it sounded like some strange series of sounds. I understood that he was conveying to me that their original language was nothing like our language. I asked him to spell it out in light and it looked like “Armpthe”. Since we were speaking telepathically I could understand him perfectly but he said, “ Earlier in our evolution we had a vocal means of communication that I might describe as sounds yet there is nothing comparable in your language.” I indicated that I understood. “You may call me Leo and that will do.” I chuckled as I thought of the Leo constellation and astrological sign. He beamed a smile at me in agreement to my thoughts.

“I would like to speak of the Merkaba and of the ATMA, the threefold flame. This is something that will again become known to humanity and it’s light emissaries. Much knowledge and truth was given to humanity from your Star Families, including us, the Lyrans from farther back than your current history or scientists have recorded. This truth and knowledge was given in the spirit of love and the hopes that all of humanity would grow and prosper in the freedom and knowledge that You All are composed of flesh that is akin to beloved Gaia, yet this vessel of the flesh is the temple that contains the elements of love and light that you are. The knowledge and truth gifted to humanity was to be shared with all of humanity yet as Free Will will dictate, it was only taught and shared in it’s truest form in secret esoteric and mystery schools that themselves became corrupted with power and darkness. Yet this is not a history lesson and I do not need to reiterate what many of you already know.”

“The universe is inside of you. What is true and what the reality is is that you are not the physical vessel that you now find yourself in. This has caused great fear within the physical form that you chose to house your eternal light. The Merkaba, the star of light is within all eternal beings in physical form. You (he addressed me specifically only here in this statement) agreed to again remember to access it simply as a reminder to all that it is within. In accepting a form in the third density, you all lowered your vibrational rate in order to experience time and space. Time and space are constructs created in which to experience yet humanity has forgotten that it was an agreement that is needed for physical experience. Having said that, I will reiterate, it is not Real, it is a construct for experience. Humanity has forgotten it’s true essence and that is freedom and joy. Within you is everything, the Merkaba, the lightbody, the eternal flame that burns as the fire of your spirit, your souls. This is your Real essence, your true Being. The eyes of your physical vehicle simply see what has been constructed and this itself has been greatly manipulated throughout time. What you can trust is what is Inside of you. Your higher dimensional selves, your family of light, All is Within. You can all travel within the universe as it is all inside of you. “

“The threefold essence is your soul, the triflame of what has once been held in mystery schools yet was meant to be for all who were prepared to remember their true essence. You are One with the Mother/Father Creator. It is the burning away of all that is not real and true. And then you step into the flame of truth. You are the Creator, you are Eternal and you can never be separated from the heart and mind of the One because you are simply that. What is there to fear when you stand in that fire of freedom and truth? All illusion burns away and you become You. Fear is the illusion. From our higher dimensional perspective we see you, humanity as a collective. From our 7th dimensional view, we see you dreaming as a collective. To awaken within the dream requires that you focus Inward. In focusing inward and then creating together in your awakened state with the knowledge of Who you are then what incredible things you will dream together. You will create a higher dimensional state. As you access the universe of love and light within you then that is of course what you will create together. Many Lyrans have incarnated to bring you this truth and many have incarnated from other star races en force. I give to you these truths that you, humanity may alleviate the fear from your collective and within yourselves. We join with you, humanity and remind you of who you are and that the Universe is within you. I leave you with great love, serenity and courage.”

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