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The Arcturians Speak from the Athena Starship Unite Together

My merkaba activated and I found myself in the corridor that leads to the control room which has windows that look out upon the other orb lightships that are positioned with the Athena in the 5th dimension. A group of Arcturians stood around me and I felt them appear as I gazed out the window. I had been wondering what they might look like in form since I always perceive them as golden lightbeings with little darkish areas that resemble eyes. With this thought, the Arcturian before me began to take a form. It had a bluish, lavender glow, an elongated head without any hair and a very thin humanoid form. It wore a green robe and as I strained to see it’s features I noticed a glowing pendant of light around it’s neck. The pendant was formed of a three dimensional merkaba and this was surrounded by an infinity symbol, (an 8), and this had eight circles of light that outlined the outer rim of the pendant. It was like a living pendant and as I looked at it, I found myself counting, 8 points of the merkaba, the infinity sign, another 8, and the eight circles of light, a third 8.

The Arcturian then spoke. “Yes, there is the significance of the 8:8:8. And this is the stargate of Lyra, the prism of Lyra of which there is a very long history. Yet the aspect to understand Now is that we are guardians of that portal into this universe. Others may travel through this portal and some of those that may travel through are still in the duality experience. In this Now, as of course time is an illusion, those not in service to the One Creator may not enter at this time as it is the will of the One. Our galaxy is moving up on a dimensional scale. It is temporarily, yet of course in the No Time it is not accessible to those not in alignment with the higher dimensional shifts. Just as you see, (we looked out at the massive planet sized starships of light) our orbs of multidimensional starships, there is also an orb of light around your star system and Gaia. No races in the experience of polarity, of duality may enter your star system in this No Time. In essence, we have changed the address in this No Time and those that may have the intention of interference do not have the new address. (He chuckled as he liked his analogy). So, what We convey to our beloved grounded incarnate experts is that here We Now are, in service to humanity and our angelic Gaia. In what We speak of, We simply remind you that We move into our new vibrational home in Unity, as a unified aspect of the One Creator. And now We see many of you have awakened and united with your angelic, galactic family, your brothers and sisters upon Gaia as We have united in the Light and Love of service to the One Creator.”

“The uniting together of your awakened consciousness as We have heard you say…does indeed create what you term miracles. Yet what you term “miracles” is a universal law. This universal law requires that what you focus your thoughts, intentions, feelings, love and light on Will manifest. The power of unified creation is the key that you are all remembering will create the New World, the New Earth that takes into account the value of each and every member as well as the well-being of humanity and the Great Mother Gaia that sustains you and is One with you all in the experience of the physical. The uniting of humanity in love, the uniting in the One Heart and the One Mind brings humanity to the edge of the 5th dimensional experience. Each of you can experience this if it is your intention. As you set your intention in the quietude of the mind, call on the Golden Ones to carry you over that golden threshold and allow them to give you the glimpse of what you have and you can create. Again there is No Time and We have no limitations. We can see the beauty of what you have created with your unity consciousness. It is glorious to behold. Of course, as many of you know, that is the reason you Now find yourselves in the physical…to create this vision of compassion, trust, and beauty for all. All is you and you are all. Unite and create beyond your imaginations. Your imaginations are real and knowing this, feel the awe, the wonder, the excitement of what you are all creating. It manifests more rapidly and more clearly with unity.”

“We do enjoy speaking to humanity, our family, our grounded ones. We honor you and love you dear ones. If you could see yourselves as We see you, each of you with your unique gifts and abilities that you are remembering and embracing. We would speak to you of your unique gifts as they are as varied as the stars. Our grounded ones, our gatekeepers, gridworkers, portal openers, healers, messengers and..we would like to speak to our lighthouses. (He chuckled as he clearly adored this term.) We have aptly named you this as we observe our experts in anchoring the light, the divine energies into the physical body and into Gaia. We often see the great pillars of light asking-How do I open my 3rd eye? How do I channel the Masters? We are not dismissing our messengers and seers by any means yet We remind you that We are One. Our lighthouses, of which there are many, many grounded ones that are serving in this great capacity as the anchors and pillars of Light. Without this great service, and that is not to say you may not remember other gifts, we could not accomplish this united mission. Not only did our lighthouses bring the Light with them, they have the great capacity for expansion. Transmuting and anchoring more Light than many others can imagine they are holding. We remind you of the importance of your mission, our beloved lighthouses. Do not wish for another as this is your grand endeavor and we honor you. To all our ground crew and all of humanity, our dear ones, unite together as We have united and see the New Earth that is your creation. You are great beings of Light.”

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